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scarlett 2i2

  1. T

    FocusRite Scarlett Solo 2nd G: Wont listen to XLR port

    Greetings Recording.org! Having an issue with my Focusrite Scarlett Solo Gen 2 2i2. I have tested both my microphone and the cable on a separate audio interface and have found them to work. I believe I have isolated the issue to the interface. Upon connection of an XLR cable, the input level...
  2. N

    Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 Studio pack (2nd Gen), Software & latency problem

    Hello, I'm a beginner. I would like to do Voiceovers & Singing with my Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 Studio pack (2nd Gen). I have got Ableton Live & Pro Tools first software with Scarlett 2i2 pack. I am using iMac and I already have Adobe Audition in my Mac. I am Confused.. so pls help.. Which is...
  3. Sel0001

    ROOKIE QUESTION: My Focusrite 2i4 is receiving no signal from my RODE NT!

    Hi, I'm currently trying to use my new Rode NT1 microphone to record into ableton. I am using a Scarlett Focusrite 2i4 as my audio interface. I am aware of the need for phantom power and have the '48v' button switched on on my interface. Although I have the phantom power on the interface seems...
  4. H

    Mic recommendation for Scarlett 2i2 USB Recording Interface

    Hi all ! I am a newbie in this field. I am buying first gear ever for recording ! I have though of buying Scarlett 2i2 USB Recording Interface which I think fits best in my budget and goes well with WIndow . Now I am looking for best mic within 100$ to go with my interface. My purpose to...
  5. M

    Scarlett 2i2 & Windows 8 problems.

    I am having problems getting the dreaded Windows 8 to recognise my Scarlett 2i2. All the software and up to date drivers all load in successfully, I've tried all the 2 USB ports supplied in my ASUS 501 x laptop. ive tried disabling Realtek sound that comes with Windows 8. Should I remove...