1. Brxdsky

    *HELP* Scarlett 2nd Gen. 18i20 Scarlett Mix Control

    Dear Community, Using Scarlett Mix Control, am I able to map the first two inputs of an 18i20 to output as STEREO for the monitor and analog outputs 1-8? I am attempting to create an alternate monitor path for a Digidesign/Avid 003 Factory console. The 003 has two 1/4" jacks for the Alternate...
  2. R

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, Logic Pro X, AT2035 not working.

    Me: I'm running Logic Pro X, I've been using Garage band and I just upgraded. I have 2 issues out the gate that I cannot seem to get around. My Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 is reading my SM57 when it's plugged in but it's not outputting on Logic. I can see in my logic that it's picking up the signal...
  3. Zedramcak

    No phantom power from Scarlet Solo 1st gen

    Hello. I just bought an AKG P220 and wanted to try recording with my Focusrite Scarlet solo. But I don't get any sound from it. When I connect my SHURE SM58, the recording works just fine. The 48V switch is on. And the Scarlett is connected via a USB hub which also has its own power supply...
  4. ouroborostone

    Scarlett 2i4 Gen 2 or U-phoria UMC204HD?

    hi, i'm new here, a beginner and browsing the internet with what audio interface i should get for my home studio project and will be using it with a windows computer. right now i'm looking at the behringer u-phoria umc204hd and scarlett 2i4 gen 2 audio interfaces. they are almost identical with...