1. S

    Recording course

    hi Is there any recording related course with international certification, if so where can i study them.
  2. Austin R

    The Recording Connection...Worth it?

    Please excuse me if this is in the wrong section and if this has already been asked a million times. I'm 18 years old and currently attending a community college here in town for an associates degree in business. My passion in life is music (How many times have you guys heard THAT before?). As...
  3. Dr_Willie_OBGYN

    Recording Arts Schools

    [=""]These recording arts schools typically charge $30,000 for tuition. How many graduates are actually working afterwards? And think of the equipment you could buy for 30K... You could buy a Shadow Hills Compressor, a Manley Massive Passive Mastering...
  4. DonnyThompson

    Observations of an Old Schooler in the Digital Age

    So I was tweaking tracks today, eventually I got around to the kick, and I liked it just fine, it was very well recorded so I didn't need to do much... but I thought about a trick I used to use back in the days of 12 ft consoles and 2 ton tape decks - and I'm betting that Chris, Kurt, Boswell...
  5. T

    Help with Audio Engineering school (Not a beginner)

    Hi, I am Ricky Di Giacomo. I am 17 years old and currently a Junior in High School. Like many of you, music is my life, my passion, and my love. I strive everyday to become better at what I do. I produce as well as DJ. I started DJing when I was about 13 and really getting into Producing when I...
  6. BobRogers

    DIY Audition Recordings for Schools, Competitions, Orchestra

    We get questions on this topic pretty frequently. Some of them are specific to particular instruments, but I thought I'd post some general thoughts I have on the subject that I didn't want distracting other threads. 1. Audition CDs can have several different purposes with different aims...
  7. L

    Old School Hip Hop Vocals?(90's)

    I'm about to get started in recording songs but I need to know what equipment to get to get that 90's type of vocal sound. I have 300$ to buy either a a mixer or mic preamp or whatever I should get to at least get me started. I plan to also buy a Stellar CM5. Something like...
  8. C

    Elementary School Turned Recording Studio

    A very interesting place for a recording studio in Scottsdale, AZ. This abandoned elementary school was re-purposed into a full blown recording studio, complete with a photography studio attached. These guys do everything from designing bands from the ground up, to recording sessions with...
  9. K

    Ametuer High School Kid Who Needs Help Recording Guitar!

    I am trying to get the best sound out of my acoustic electric guitar. I know using a studio mic would get a better sound but this is what I have. I'm running it straight through the interface but it sounds kinda bad. I was wondering if there are any good VST's that can help or any suggestions to...
  10. BobRogers

    Old School Audio ??

    Are they still in business? Atlas Pro Audio on longer carries them and gives a phone number and a email.
  11. B

    My High School Variety Show, & the dream.

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I have been researching the tech of music for a bout a year, picking up gear like a Firestudio Mobile, Sm58, and other ways to satisfy recording needs. was the forum that seemed to have a Live Sound community. Cutting to the point.. The annual...
  12. vttom

    Recording Engineering School?

    I've been toying with the idea of taking some classes in recording engineering, maybe even pursuing some kind of degree. Does anyone in the forum have any suggestions about schools, etc? It'd have to be something I can do from home since I work full-time. Incidentally, I hold Bachelor's and...
  13. Halifaxsoundguy

    Old school / new school

    When I was a kid, I used to record the radio on to a cassette tape. How to I record internet audio in my DAW? Is there and internet i/o in logic?
  14. C

    music/ recording schools

    Im going to be a senior in HS this upcoming year so ive started to look at schools Music has always been my passion and these last few years i have devoted my life to recording and producing my own music. Im lloking to gt into a music college but i have no idea which to goto all have mixed...
  15. H

    going to school for music/home setup

    Hey guys, I want to start and say I am soon off to college, and while I need a lot of gear, I have 2000 dollars, and because I write everything in my musical project I have always wished for a cool recording setup. I basically want something of extreme quality to plug into a mac that will be...
  16. T


    what do guy's think of the recording connections program.
  17. D

    Los Angeles Recording School vs SAE vs Musician's Institute?

    I'm moving to LA this summer and considering doing a music production/engineering course when I'm there - either Los Angeles Record School, SAE or Musician's Institute. I searched this forum and found some similar topics from a few years ago but wanted some recent opinions from people who've...
  18. 4

    Advice on proper schooling

    First off I want to apoligize if this is the wrong forum to post this thread in, i looked and this was the best fit one. I have been intrested in music ever since I was in 5th grade and from then when I started to play the drums my love for music has grown dramatically. I now Dj, and produce...
  19. J

    Schooling/Career Decisions In the Music Biz

    Hey Everybody, Im a 19 year old looking for some help deciding on where I should go for schooling and what to do. I am an avid musician and have decided I want to do something with music for a living. My first idea was to work in the recording arts business, but hearing how the industry was...
  20. BobRogers

    Old school drum recording - Charlie Brown Xmas

    Nothing like grading partial differential equations exams to make you break out the Christmas music. Put on my all time favorite - Vince Gauraldi's Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. I love the recording, but started to listen to it with my recording engineers hat on. (I'm not a recording...