1. took-the-red-pill

    When to use LDC vs SDC?

    I couldn't find this specific topic covered. If you choose to mention brand names, that's okay, but I'm not here to ask what kind of mic I should buy. 1-What does one typically use an LDC for? What about an SDC? And why? 2-I'm a guy on a budget, don't make my living in a studio, and I have...
  2. S

    SDC for acoustic guitar (Stereo vs. Mono)

    I am looking to record acoustic guitar. A lot of folk and finger picking so low volume playing. Based on what I have read so far I am in the market for Small Diaphragm Condenser(s). I am looking to spend somewhere around 500 CDN but am flexible. I currently am using a Sm58 (without the...
  3. D

    Pair of SDC's around £500 for classical recordings?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a pair of SDC's for location recording of classic vocal groups and ensembles. So far I've tried the Rode NT5's and JZ BT201's. From my experience of these I would say the NT'5s are more suited to classical recordings as the have a much higher output and lower signal to...
  4. MadMax

    SDC Choices...

    Those of you who know me, know I prefer to do it right... and probably know my axiom of; "Good $*^t ain't cheap and cheap $*^t ain't always good." Now, I find myself in a bit of a quandry. I have a HUGE 64 voice choir to record next month and my main/primary issue is mic-ing the large choir...
  5. ChrisH

    SDC for overheads

    I'll be getting a pair of good small diaphragm condensers, here in a couple months. Would like those of you with experience with these mics to describe how there character in sound. They'll be used as overheads to track drums for all genres, and they'll be my main SDC's Rode NT55's Shure...
  6. F

    Beyer Dynamic CK703

    I own a pair of Beyer Dynamic CK703 SDC mics. Anybody know their value or anything about them?
  7. ThirdBird

    Best SDC Pair under $200 - $300 USD

  8. audiokid

    Neumann SDC for Guitar

    Which Neumann SDC do you prefer for acoustic guitars... Steel > KM84 Nylon? > KM184
  9. H

    need a pr of sdc

    I need a pr of sdc's for recording acoustic guitar. I'm considering the Rode nt-5's, Avantone CK-1, and the Studio Projects C-4. What is your opinion?
  10. audiokid

    (term) SDC

    Abbreviation: Small Diaphragm Condenser Small-diaphragm condensers — the bread-and-butter mics of the studio — are frequently used in situations that call for bright or accurate high-end pickup, fast transient response, and relatively uncolored fidelity. Often used singly to record hand...
  11. Davedog

    New SDC Condenser

    HIYA guys....Hope you dont mind but I'm gonna hijack your forum for a minute.....Jeremy, Joe...this is for ya'll. I recently aquired a new companies' SDC mic. This is a 3Zigma CHI system mic. It is part of the ADK mic family....I think. I'm not sure the direct relationship but I did get this...
  12. T

    Decent SDC matched pair for under $300

    Right now I'm using an AT3035 and an AKGC1000 for overheads. I'm in need of some new mics. I'm looking for some small diaphragm condensers for under 300 bucks. I'm thinking about buying a Rode NT2-A to replace the 3035 (vocals, room, acoustic guitar). I'm also looking at a bluebird. I want...
  13. H

    Opinions on good SDC fig-8s

    Looking for opinions from folks here re their experiences with good fig-8 condensers, in particular Sennheiser MKH30 and Schoeps MK8. I recently bought a matched pr of MK2S for my CMC6 bodies, but I haven't really heard the HF benefit over my trusty Earthworks QTC1 yet (in my applications...
  14. A

    Cardiod vs Omni SDC

    For recording acoustic guitars, Which would work well - a cardiod SDC mic or an omni SDC mic for acoustic (e.g the AT3031 cardio VS AT3032 omni). Just trying to understand the key difference between cardiod vs omni.
  15. A

    acoustic guitar mic - SDC selection

    Folks, Please can you someone suggest me a good small diaphragm condenser mic. Recently I bought a AT4040 which I use on my Taylor acoustic guitar. I want to stereo mic. I ended using the AT4040 with my SM57. The recording is not up to the mark. Maybe if I experiment a lot more with the...
  16. G

    SDC vs LDC

    Hay yews guise - Like a lot of you, I am a newbie at some things and an old hand at others. My question du jour is about large vs small diameter condenser mic's; when would I best use one style, and when the other? I am operating on the cheap; the mic's in question are the SP B1's vs C4's.
  17. W

    Battle of the SDC's!!!

    Hey guys, how would you rate these mics on their sound quality in a rock context. They are for drum overheads and acoustic guitar? Keep in mind the price differences. A mic that sounds 2% better but costs twice as much isn't worth it in my opinion. A: Peluso CemC6 B: Oktava MC012a...
  18. Groff

    LDC or SDC

    Hi, My next recording will be ethno-acoustic band. Except upright bass and (maybe) one violin, all instruments are (steel strings) with strong on upper mid/high freq. and lot of hard alternate picking. Comparable in some way with mandolins. I would like to try to record some of those...
  19. B

    Best SDC pair for acoustic guitar under $750- 1K

    I want to pick up a couple of small diaphram condensers for home tracking into a 002 rack with the stock preamps. Most of the tracks will have vocals x 2-3, bass, synth and percussion as well. The acoustic style will be fingerstyle/ fingerpicking (bare finger-no nail) on some high end...