sennheiser 416

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    Mixing Audio

    Hi guys, brand new thread, it feels clean ! Here's a recording I did literally just now. I have a gate at -48dB, preopen-5ms atk-10ms hold-10ms release-100ms. I did those settings because the Gate would chomp away at my words ! For the EQ, I didn't mess around with trying to enhance my voice ...
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    Will Rode WSVM windsock fit snugly on a Sennheiser 416?

    I'm told by the Senn distributor there are currently no stocks of 416 windsocks. Rode's WSVM accessory windsock, compatible with the NTG1 & 2 and Videomic according to their website, looks like it might fit. However they don't seem to sell one compatible with the NTG3 which I gather is their...
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    Sennheiser 416 just died

    Hello -- I'm new to the forums and my Sennheiser MKH416T just died. It's been in a cabinet for over a year, hardly used at all (it's about 5 years old, I bought it used and tested it when I bought it from a Hollywood Sound guy -- worked fine then). I can't say for sure it wasn't...
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    Sennheiser 416 shotgun for VO

    I have never, knowingly, used this actual mic for VO? I may have? There you go. Just to clarify. No knowledge. Some apparently "big time" LA VO guy says, on his website(From a recent VOB post), that he has one of these available along with unspecified LDC's, if needed for use in his own VO...
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    sennheiser 416 shockmount and phase issues

    The Sennheiser 416p (supercardioid shotgun mic) has a shockmount (the rycote one, used for booming) that ,however you place the mic, covers a bit of the 'ribbed part' (the part with small openings).. this must in a way compromise the directivity of the mic right? It's a industry standard...