sennheiser e609

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    e609 vs e906 (vs 409)

    thoughts on them? i work for a music retailer and can get great deals on 609 and 906 mics, but for a 409 i'd have to hit ebay just like everyone else. compare and contrast sound coloration for these mics please. anyone?
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    The SM57 (vs. Senheiser e609)

    The sm58 works great on guitar cabs: That's what me and my brother were told, but our recordings keep telling us otherwise. we've been debating getting the e609, but does anyone know if the sm57 sounds very good for guitar cabs (heavy metal). because we need a snare mic too. should we just...
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    Senn e606 vs e609 ..?

    I've been reading some good posts on both of these mics.. e609 comes up more often than the e606, but I've read elsewhere that they're actually the same mic... which seems odd to me as there's a £30 - £50 price difference and they're both listed on the Sennheiser website. I heard they're...
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    e609 and the e609 silver - what's the difference?

    I recently worked with a band that brought their own e609 silver. I used it on guitar (though I'm usually just a 57 guy) and it sounded great! So I looked into purchasing one for my studio and noticed there is obviously a 609 and a 609 silver. Does anyone know the difference...
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    Senn e609

    Hi, Has anybody used one of these? How do they compare to the 409? Thanks, Geoff Ruby