sennheiser hd600

  1. BushmasterM4

    Sennheiser HD600's :)

    Just won a set of Sennheiser HD600 on ebay. I am very excited. $227 total. Said used less than 5 hours. Box and all. Look very nice in the pictures and the seller said they were mint.
  2. E

    washing Sennheiser HD600 headphone earpieces?

    I just got a new set from Old Lyme (very expensive!). I'm thinking of cleaning the old ones. Any thoughts? As you probably know, they are foam covered with black velvet/ velour... Woolite, anyone? Has anyone done this before ?
  3. P

    Amp for Sennheiser HD600 Headphones??

    I'm buying HD600 phones. I just don't have any experience with professional headphone amps, so I'm going to need your help once again! What do you recommend?