1. audiokid

    Akai Pro — MPC X Overview & Demo

    Akai go standalone with the brand new MPC Live. the control layout is exactly the same as last year’s MPC Touch controller/interface, with a seven-inch full-colour multi-touch display, 16 backlit pads, four rotary encoders and a master encoder knob. The big difference is stand-alone operation...
  2. C

    Launchpad Step Sequencer Lauflicht V2

    I would like to introduce the new version 2 of the step sequencer "Lauflicht" plugin for the Novation Launchpad. The plugin for Renoise is a moving light, multitrack and multitimbral step sequencer with 8, 16 or 32 steps, turning your Launchpad into a hardware step sequencer. It was...
  3. J

    Help with Drum Machine/Sequencer/??? Options for Drum Practice

    Hi folks ... brand new here and just looking for a little product insight/advice. I'm really starting at the beginning with all of this, so please bear with me(!) I'm looking for a freestanding device -- a drum machine or sequencer or ??? -- that I can use to program some percussion sounds and...
  4. Z

    Best DAW with MIDI sequencer via score editor?

    Hello everyone. I need help finding a DAW to suit my needs. What I need is basically a multitrack recorder that allows me to compose MIDI instruments through a score editor, not the usual piano roll. Besides that, I only need the basic stuff: audio tracks, VST implementation/effect rack, some...
  5. audiokid


    A device that triggers a series of events in a particular order. Early audio sequencers were quite primitive, used control voltage to trigger voltage controlled oscillators, but had a certain musicality to them. These days software sequencers are MIDI based and offer a high degree of...
  6. H

    Problem with Sonar Step Sequencer...

    I though that the best and fastest way for people to understand what the problem is was for me to record what I am doing so you can see and hear the problem. Here is a link to the 52 second recording that I made... [=""]YouTube - Sonar Drum Problem 1[/]...
  7. Z

    Looking for a sequencer

    Hello, I'm looking for a good hardware sequencer that suits my needs. At the moment, I am using Electribes to make sequences, but these are very short (only 4 bars per pattern). I'd like to have something without such a limitation, or at least a much higher one (16 bars or something). One...
  8. H

    Software for making music for video + games (sequencers)

    So heres the deal. I use Cubase Studio 4 for most of my recording as far as bands and live instruments. As far as midi instruments, making beats and making whole songs with virtual instruments, I've tried Reason and have an unregistered full version of Fruity Loops. I like the hardware setup...
  9. D

    Yamaha QY300 Music Sequencer

    i have no idea what this piece of equipment does. Would anyone like to explain it to me? I've just been staring at it for a week trying to figure it out. A friend of mine found it in his attic and just gave it to me. Here's a picture... Help?
  10. J

    Sonar Drum Sequencer?

    Hey guys, i've posted about this issue in the past. What I'm looking for is a drum sequencer that ican use inside Sonar. I am aware there is a midi drum sequencer but I am looking to use a drum sequencer where i can load wavs, and what not. I do not use the rewrire to FL device, as it eats up my...
  11. G

    DFH2 Sequencer

    Hiii, a friend of my mom's gave her DFH2 as a gift for me (I dont know why) aaand I was wondering what a good sequencer for it is...something you can really make good drum tracks with, something in which you could choose how hard the drum is "hit" would be great!. anybody know??? THANX
  12. M

    any suggestions on a good sequencer or drum machine??

    i was wondering if anyone could suggest a good sequencer/dr machine for recording on a DAW (non-computer based - i'm using a Roland VS model). i was thinking of staying in the $1000-new range. thanks!
  13. S

    PC as sequencer SOunds of problem

    hey guys... i wanna record sounds of my keyboard...but i wanna use the sequencer of Cubase... i wanna use its midi sequecer instead of my keyboard.... now in the midi devices list my keyboard is'nt in the list... the following are the midi parameters of my keyboard.... 1. Base Midi Channels=...
  14. R

    Trying to get pro tools to sync with sequencer in triton

    I have written the drum program and keyboard parts using my Alesis SR16 and the Sequencer in my Triton LE. The Alesis is the Master clock while the Tritons clock is external so I have no problem with the drum/keyboard parts being totally in sync. I am now trying to record these parts into...
  15. W

    Bouncing down tracks for another sequencer

    I'm going to get some songs mixed by this guy, but he doesn't have Pro Tools and would like the songs rendered down to 44.1(I recorded at 48 ). What is the easiest way to do this? Selecting each track and bouncing it down to 44.1 seems like it would take a hell of a long time...
  16. W

    Hardware Sequencer versus Computer Software Sequencing

    Does anyone know of a good drum machine and sequencer for piano and guitar. Hardware that is. I have a EMU 0404 card and software installed in my computer, but I keep getting crashes, so I am having a hard time trying to transfer CD's from my DAW recorder, 8 track, to my computer software...
  17. R

    Need Suggestion: Audio Midi Sequencer Software for free.

    Hello all, Just need some suggestions on Audio Midi Sequencer freeware. Sure not big apps like Cubase or ProTools, but... Plz no trial versions or Demos. I need it for educational work at a school, wich has no budget now. Thx for any help. Best :)
  18. G

    reason with another sequencer

    i wanna use reason with a sequencer, so i can record my guitars in the sequencer and use it with reason. anyone do this? what sequencers work well with reason 2.5?
  19. O


    just wanted to know that people use
  20. B

    looking for a program w/ a user friendly drum sequencer

    I have Cubase SX, and after a few months Ive gotten to know my way around a little bit, but it still isnt user friendly at all, especially for sequencing drums. I looking for a program that has bulit in support for EASLIY creating your own drum loops and implementing them seamlessly into your...