1. rojarosguitar

    Royer SF-12 with Fetheads vs. Royer SF-24

    I wonder how the Royer SF-24 active stereo ribbon would compare to the passive Royer SF-12 run through FetHead or Cloudlifter impedance matching preamps? Does anybody have experience of comparing first hand? Is SF24 quieter? Better sounding? Or maybe not? Comments very much appreciated!
  2. audiokid

    Royer Microphone Comparisons

    Wow, do yourselves a favour and check out all the tracks and pics here Inside The Mix: http://royerlabs.com/insidethemix.html Royer Ribbon Mics - Inside The Mix http://royerlabs.com/library/ 121, 122, 122v, SF-12, SF-24 with different pre's like Gordon, Millennia, Neve 8088 board. 1176...