1. K2vp

    Record a Percussion Set Live

    Hi, I need an advice for recording a percussion set ( a pair of congas, shakers, rain stick and bongos) in live situations outside. The percussion set is the main rhythm section in a small acoustic set. Any recommendations for mic combinations? Greetings from Germany Markus
  2. D

    tambourine and shaker tracking

    anyone have good techniques for tracking tambourine and shaker? i've experimented but can't find the right sounds. they're subtle ingredients in any song, but can also add a lot. mic placement, condenser vs dynamic, different pre's - all info appreciated.
  3. B

    LESS cowbell, more shakers!

    Alright, so this is probably not the best tip ever but for some folks (like me when I tried this years ago) it will be superdandy-fancy pants. Okay, I eat a lot of Pringles. That's how I keep the body of an 11 year old. So you can imagine, I have a few extra Pringle's cans lying around. Now...