shure ksm32

  1. djpops

    what do u guys think about ksm32 for professional vocals?

    what do u guys think about ksm32 for highly professional vocals? i am planning buy a mic so i can start do some recordings to release but i am wondering if the ksm32 is the right way to go. im on a budget as well
  2. SuprSpy79

    Microphone Question - KSM32SL

    What are your opinions of the Shure KSM32SL? I hear so may awesome things about the Rode NT and its like 1/3 the price, so I was considering selling my sure and getting some extra cash for a preamp or something.
  3. J

    KSM32 vs RODE NT1-A??

    I've been doing some reading online. seems the RODE NT1 is a very good mic. I was also looking at the Shure KSM32. Anyone have experience with these mics. What would your recomendations be?
  4. R

    Grand Piano: KSM32 or 414?

    I'll be recording pop grand piano on a yamaha in a few hours. I plan to use a spaced pair, but not too far away from the piano, because the room sounds bad, and I want to capture as little room as possible, but at the same time, not too much attack from the hammers, so it doesn't sound harsh...
  5. S

    KSM44 vs KSM32

    Whats the main difference between these two? is it worth to spend the extra $200 for the 44?