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  1. audiokid

    GC Pro Presents: The Top Shelf, Episode 3 -- The Bricasti M7 Stereo Reverb Processors

    Bricasti M7 Casey talks about using multiple reverbs
  2. S

    Guitar processors which one?

    I'm looking at a Line 6 HD Pro and a Rocktron prophesy. I want to go guitar -->processor-->Korg D 16XD. I record clean to classic rock sounds mostly. Also any other suggestions would be helpful. Craig
  3. M

    Need help with external processor hook up in pt

    This is probably very basic for most of you, but i need help trying to setup up my t.c. electronic finalizer. Im using 002 rack with pt8. Im mainly trying to send the main stereo output to the finalizer and bring it back in to my pt session for mastering purposes. Im confused with this...
  4. S

    Confusion about hooking up signal processors.

    I recently bought a bunch of things for my recording studio including, an antares avp-1, Focus rite ISA one, and an ART VLA II tube compressor. I have a 48 point patch bay in which I have the aux sends and returns from my alesis multimix16 as well as the outs and ins from all above said unit...
  5. M

    Budget Rack Guitar Processor!??

    Hi! I have issues recording good guitar tracks from my amplifier and I'd like to pick up a rack guitar processor that can sound good and have good tones. Any idea of a cheap rack I can get to sound fairly well before mixing?? Thanks a lot! :)
  6. R

    Dual Effects Processor for LIVE (Delay+Reverb)

    Hi, Looking for a Dual Effects Processor so...for LIVE purpose...Delay+Reverb. May i know is that any posibility to individual control the parameter of each Delay and Reverb? or it's only ONE parameter for the effect call Delay+Reverb? Thanks for help.
  7. E

    What do Eventide processors do?

    THere seems to be so much hype, at least I hear it, about Eventide processors like the H8000. Can anyone with first hand experience chime in on why these are SO spectacular. It's not that I dont believe it, I just want to know. I know that they do intellegent harmonization and reverb. Are...
  8. S

    Vocal processor?

    It lil embarrassing to ask this but wha is vocal processor? I never seen one in the studio so is it just for live? thx
  9. C

    Mastering Analog Processor Budget: $12k

    I'm gonna be trading in some old equipment and getting all new stuff for analog mastering (comp, eq, limiting). Will be using my same Bowers and Wilkens 805s, B&W Sub, and Bryston Amp for monitoring. So, if you had $12k budget constraint for analog mastering comps, eq and limiting, what...
  10. H

    What kind of processors do you use on your master bus?

    I'm not in a professional studio here, I am just doing "in the box" mixing at home. From what I've learned from friends, teachers, and being in professional studios, you should do a couple things when bouncing, mixing down to tape/2-track etc. At home, I keep my recordings in 24bit/44.1khz...
  11. E

    Sony PCM-501es Digital Audio Processor

    HI, I am almost the proud (?) owner of a Sony PCM-501es Digital Audio Processor. I am in need of any info I can get, including specs, what were the popular modifications to this unit and can I make the mods myself? It looks as if I am going to be stuck with this thing, so I want to make the...
  12. S

    Harmony Processors???

    what are they, like if i buy one and i sing would it help me sing better, i dont know just came across it on sweetwater and i was just curious. thank you
  13. G

    Gregorian Chant effect processor?

    Does one exist? I'm thinking something like you sing through it and it gets the effect of more voices in a gregorian chant style. Is it even possible? thanks!
  14. B

    Anyone experience the SSL Duende DSP processor?

    I'm so curious about this unit. "authentic SSL channel strip with filters, E and G series EQ and dynamics processing, as well as the legendary SSL Stereo Bus Compressor" "up to 32 channels of SSL signal processing and supports sample rates from 44.1kHz to 96kHz" this sounds like a...
  15. R

    Hi End "Best For" Processors Question

    Hello everyone, I've been reading the last couple of weeks all reviews i could find regarding hi end track/instrument and mastering processors like Manley, Universal Audio, Tube Tech, AMS Neve, Avalon etc. They all look and sound great(according to the reviews) and cost like a fortune. In...
  16. A

    stereo effects processor good for modulation

    i want a stereo effects processor to use for multi-effects (not including reverb which i want to use a lexicon pcm91.) the three brands i assume are best are t.c. electronic (g-force?), eventide (eclipse), and yamaha (spx-90). any recommendations would be appreciated.
  17. S

    platinum plug-in bundle opposed to a few out board processor

    lately i have been more focused on mixing in the box. has any one else followed this trend this last year? my out board gear list is weak but my computer is basically the mothership of my recording lab.
  18. A

    Benefits Of Using a Hardware Effects Processor?

    Hi folks, I am hoping some of you might provide some insight into the benefits of hardware effects processors. I have an opportunity to pick up a T.C. Electronics M One XL for next to nothing and I debating whether or not to use or sell it. I'm using an MBOX to Pro Tools LE. I am currently...
  19. O

    Hiqh Quality effects processor for live bass guitar

    Greetings all, Firstly, I am a bass player only. I come here seeking advice, which most likely only those with your experience can provide. What I need: A high quality effects processor to use when playing my bass guitar live. It would include EQ/delay/chorus/compression etc. I play...
  20. M

    tell me what reverb processors is the best and cheapest to..

    i just wannt to know what reverb processors will have the best quality and that it will cost very cheap..............