1. pcrecord

    What's up with the weak singers trend ?

    Hi gang, Yeah I just got fed up with too many youtube videos of weak signers in my feed. What I mean is good pitch be not pushing the notes and not even opening the mouth correctly and sounding like falseto all the time ... Is it me who is out of touch or is it just not how to properly...

    Problem With Auto-Tune

    Of course I've heard the argument that instead of reaching for pitch correction with a less than desired performance, you should find a better singer who can sing in tune. For me, seeing as that pitch correction is used in almost all "pop" music nowadays. And I focus primarily on recording...
  3. T

    Singing in the Shower

    Hey Guys, I am a musician/singer, and I'm just starting to get into personal recording. I have some (I'm sure) rookie questions. I want to make the vocal track/instrument track sound great to the person who is singing/playing, so that they can enjoy laying down their track and do a better job...
  4. A

    Singing with karaoke

    Hi everyone, I have a friend that has bought a yamaha audiogram and a behringer c1 to start making covers for youtube. The question is, how can she put the instrumental/karaoke playing while she sings, but without recording the instrumental (just record the voice)? Using cubase ai 5 After that...
  5. JohnTodd

    Consistently singing flat

    Hi! So I've been turning the cans down and now I'm consistently singing flat. I need the cans down to avoid lots of leakage because I multitrack my vocals, hence the leakage builds up. But now I'm singing flat. What can I do about this?
  6. S

    Jazz and Blues Scat Singing and Growls

    hey guys.. i've been a huge fan of the Blues and Jazz music.. however, growing up in a typical Asian family, all i had to listen to was pop ballads and rock tunes... i'm trying to learn the art of singing the Blues and Jazz so that i can cover some awesome songs that i love Can you guys give...
  7. O

    HELP! Singing (rapping) techniques while recording

    Hi guys, can anyone give my some tips on how i can deliver my rap correctly? basically im going really wild on the mic but when it comes to listening back, it sounds dull and with no effort? Any advice / tips on delivery when recording and/or how to mix it to put life into it!? P.s im really...
  8. AKR

    Please recommend a mic for rapping/singing (hip hop/dance/rock) - under $400 used/new

    I can give you about 5 examples of my vocal style/range, which pretty much summarizes it all. Building Castles's Profile - Indaba Music Most of it isn't really hip hop from these particular examples, but in my music, I do a fair amount of rapping and I sing in every song. Black Holes would...
  9. D

    Singing Vocals and Instruments

    Hi all I am new to both the sound industry and to sound effects. The people I work with are more experienced and have given me some recommendations, but wanted to get some advice from this board as well. I am planning on recording a song. First we'll be recording all the instruments, and then...
  10. A

    New to ( Recording rapping and singing)

    Hey people, I hope all is well and am glag to be here part of a site so interactive for the love of music. I bought this set up a while ago with a buddy, he used it all last summer and did not get much done, so I bought his half and now I have the equipment. I run an...
  11. S

    The difference between singing live and recording?

    Hope someone can help me as Im about to go off my head. Im in a band just now and have been touring the country for a few months now and we decided to record an l.p woo hoo i thought but when it came to getting my vocals all was not well. I didnt sound half as good as when i sing/play live...
  12. M

    Making voice deeper (speech, not singing)

    I have a rather odd request. A project I'm working on requires me to make my voice deeper. This is easily achievable if I simply play around with the pitch BUT this method produces a very unnatural sounding voice. How would you go about achieving a natural sound if this was your project...
  13. D

    Computer Singing?

    Hey, first post here. Im trying to find a program or vst plugin that allows me to have a computer robot voice singing. No i dont mean an effect. or an autotune. I want a computer voice to do all the singing. anyone know of anything?
  14. B

    tips on mixing singing

    i got waves diamond bundle and do a lil rapping but i can never seem to master singing as well.. like the thicknesss ... i wanna cheat and make me sound better then i really am like the regular studios :lol: and tips would help ... thanks
  15. E

    Mic-Preamp compressor limiter? Singing Drummer w/wireless HS

    Hi everyone, We have a female singing into a Sennheiser wireless headset. The dynamic range is just too much to be on a stationary mic attached to her head. This is a rock band and has a pretty loud sound. She has some soul on some songs and some songs she sings more backup. Very dynamic...
  16. EricIndecisive

    What do you do? micing guitar and singing at the same time.

    Hey everyone, I often times have a lot of trouble singing if I am not playing my guitar at the same time. There are a lot more fluctuations and screw ups when I am just singing along to the music. Do you guys often record an acoustic artist while he both sings and plays at the same time? If...
  17. M

    importing voice/singing to FL Loops 5.0

    How do you record live voice/singing into FL Loops 5.0? Easiest way to do it.
  18. T

    vocalist wants to hear reverb whilst singing

    I was wondering how to route signal for this problem: A vocalist wants to hear reverb whilst singing, but I don’t want to hear it and I don’t want it on “tape”. And... Given a speed of sound of 335m/s, what is the wavelength of a sound with a frequency of 200Hz? To answer such a...
  19. S

    Singing in the shower !!!

    Merry Xmas to all :) Just a funny thought ,, do you think designing a vocal booth to look like a shower would make singers more comfy ???? lol hope you had a good laugh have safe and happy holliday Sanity Inn
  20. A

    Delay Lama - the Virtual Singing Monk

    Check it out folks, it's hilarious and it's free! I started playing with it and could not stop for an hour. The kids love it too. ah