1. U

    Smoke from guitar amp during recording

    Hello, my band and I have decided that we're going to record a few of our own songs to have something to put up on youtube, myspace etc. Since we don't have the hardware or cash for a proper studio, we decided to create a poor-mans studio using my digital bass-pedal (which acts as a soundcard...
  2. kmetal

    Smokes effect on Gear

    i searched 'smoke' on RO So i was going over some interface choices w/ a good friend of mine motu 192 (mk1,mk2,mk3), 896mk2, m-audio 1814, pro-track, digi 002. These are what people we know own, i know there's a few good ones missing. The interesting/coincidence. was that the only one so far...
  3. R

    why is it bad to smoke in the studio?

    I heard smoke is bad for speakers/equipment. Why is that? What if I smoke 6 feet away from the speakers, is it still a problem?
  4. D


    I'm sure I know the answer to this question already, but I am just looking to hear some other people's input on the subject. So just how bad is cigarette smoke to gear? guitar amps, compressors, microphones, etc... Just wondering if thats yet another thing I should worry more about!
  5. M

    Holy Smokes Batman , what a Drum Track!

    Hi everyone , I was recoring a drum track last night at my studio and the craziest thing happened! First let me explain that I play all the instruments and do all the produceing/recording/engineering myself , so as you can imagine at times getting a good track can take quite alot of time...