1. V

    SMPTE TO MTC for logic pro 9

    Hello, I'm looking for a compatible device to work with my logic pro 9 so it can sync to my Tascam TSR-8. i need something that will stripe smpte onto tape, then read and convert Smpte into MTC for DAW and Tape Sync. Ive been looking at the Unitor 8 (not sure if it converts smpte to MTC) ...
  2. audiokid


    Originally used by the military for rocket launches, SMPTE time code is a standardized way of referencing the 24-hour period. Based around the video frame, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers identify frames and sub frames with a unique identifier that includes hours...
  3. pest1320

    smpte to adat digital converter?

    hows it going, basically i have my dishnetwork dvr digital output lightpipe which is smpte and i want to go into my motu828mk2 adat in.But i get nothing but high pitch static on all channels in cuemix.Then i found out that the dvr was smpte code and the motu is adat and not compatible. Is...
  4. T

    SMPTE to MTC / Word Clock in ProTools LE? What is What?

    Heres the scenario: I am trying to transfer 8 tracks of analog (one with SMPTE) into my computer using a SMPTE to MTC (JL Cooper) box into a Midi to USB cable (sync) through a pair of nice converters. This forces me to dump tracks two at a time and line them up by hand in PT. I don't...
  5. Sidhu

    SMPTE and DAW's

    Wondering, why dont sequencers and the like have buit in SMPTE decoders. Steinberg products in this case. I would suppose having a SMPTE setup option where you define which audio input channel is recieving SMPTE. The decoding happens within the DAW. that aside, which is the cheapest SMPTE -...
  6. M

    MTC to SMPTE

    hi all, my english is not so good, sorry i need an interface that can convert the MTC (generated via midi from protools) to SMPTE (recived by my tascam tm-d4000). which kind of converter i must buy? thanks in advance manimac :wink:
  7. S

    Striping SMPTE to DAW?

    Quick question. (damn, I'm full of alliteration today) My Ghost desk reads SMPTE and can automate mutes for a mix. A have used this feature before when tracking to tape in order to both sync the computer and do the mutes. I suddenly thought: why couldn't I strip code to a track in the...
  8. M

    Smpte Time Code!

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