snare microphones

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    Snare mic and hihat, drum room mics

    Hello all, When trying to gate a top snare mic in a song there are a few spots where the drummer was playing the hihat way too loud and I find it impossible to gate the snare mic in any fashion that does not either, ruin the snare sound or have the hihat bleeding through in only a few spots...
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    Snare micing question

    If you mic the top and bottom of a snare, should one of the mics have the phase inverted? does it effect the phase depending on where the two mics are placed/ pointed? thanks.
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    Any suggestions for a sweet kick and/or snare mic preamp

    My board only has 4 mic pres. Any suggestions for a nice pre for kick drums and/or snares? I'm not really looking in the high end range of $4,000...Something reasonably priced around $300-400 that is crisp and punchy. I'd welcome any suggetstions even out of my price range; I could always make...
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    Bottom Snare Mic Techniques

    I recently recorded a standard rock band with 9 mics as follows: Beta 52 - Kick Snare Top: Beta 57 Snare Bottom: SM57 High Tom: SM57 Low Tom: Beta 57 OHs: Earthworks TC30s High Hat: Kel Audio HM-1 Room Mic: Mojave MA-200 Everything came out great except the Bottom Snare. I placed it...
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    bottom snare mic......

    Hi everyone! I am using right now 2 sm57's for the snare (1 on top and for the bottom), and it sound pretty good. But I am thinking to try some other different mic for the bottom snare to have different snare sound option. Any suggestions? What mic do you use or you like?
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    Too much hihat bleed in snare mic

    What are some techniques for reducing splashy hihat bleed in the snare mic during tracking? When I compress the snare during mixing, there is way too much hihat bleed. I'ved used soundreplacer in the past, but I find that it eliminates the subtle nuances of the drummers performance. Please...
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    does somebody know why E903 snare mic was discontiniued?

    very strange? I am buying bunch of drum mics this week.
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    Hi-hat noise spilling onto snare mic

    Has anyone any ideas of how i can reduce the spill from the hihat im getting on my snare mic. im using a km 84 on the hat facing almost directly away from the snare and i dont have any problems this way round. but the ammount of hi hat noise im getting on my snare track is sometimes really...
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    Bottom snare mic phase question

    Hello, I am trying for the first time putting a mic on the bottom of my snare (sm57 on top, audix d2 on bottom) and am curious about phase. We record using the maudio delta 1010, and on its control panel there is an option to flip phase 180 degrees. Should I be using this on the bottom...
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    snare mic position

    hey there! whenever i record drums, i end up with a rather dull snare sound.. i use the usual mics (sm57, sometimes together with a Neumann km 140).the bottom mic doesnt give me the brightness i'm looking for, and i dont really like the bottomsound anyway...i end up eqing and aural exciting to...
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    Snare micing ??'s

    I have been expirimenting with saare track recording , so far I have used a AKG C-414 about 1" from the top side polar pattern facing at a 45 deg angle 20db pad , very thin sound and pingy ( this snare is not a very fat sounding snare in the first place ) we try'd different positions but not...
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    Snare micing techniques

    Hi, What do you guys use for micing up a snare/and where do you place the Microphone? I've gotten good results lately with classical top/bottom micing technique with two SM57's into an RNC, but the amount of EQ I am using to get this sound irritates me somewhat. I hear some people mic the...
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    too much hihat bleed on the snare mic

    since you guys know alot of the hardware side, you must know a trick or two on the mic placing science... I am recording a drum set, everything is fine except for the snare mic getting too much hihat signal, I am using a venerable SM57 into an Avalon 737SM (mercenary), using the snare...