1. pcrecord

    3 DAWs - 3 sounds?? Reaper vs Sonar vs Samplitude

    3 DAWs - 3 sounds?? Reaper vs Sonar vs Samplitude In this video, I test 3 DAWS by doing the exact same mix of the same song. There was a long debate as if every DAWs sounded the same and I thought it was time to get a true answer. I also give a link to downloadable multitracks songs. What do...
  2. G

    DAW ScratchPad - CakeWalk Music Creator 7

    Well.. Not sure where to post this one .. but seeing that its a Child of Sonar... I was looking for an easy DAW that my daughter could Use .. Ran around the net trying lite versions of a number of products... Anyhow, wound up downloading Music Creator 7 ... it was $28.00 CDN directly from...
  3. G

    sonar platinum, Windows 10 , Motu 424pci and pcix

    Upgraded to windows 10 last weekend, all motu drivers are working fine, no issues with Sonar, All is good... I posted up as I see people are concerned about the lack of drivers for the PCI424 card and windows 10 Anyhow that's my experience Cheers K
  4. pcrecord

    Dynamic use of the buffer ?

    Let me explain... I decided to check how the latency was with the fireface 800 I just got. I'm set at 512 and decide to do a round trip through my 2 LA-610. The chain was, line out of the RME, line in of the LAs, AD96 and spdif to the RME. I took a drum sample that I played and recorded the...
  5. gitlvr

    Help setting up external hard drive in Cakewalk Home Studio 2004

    Hi, I'm new here. I posted in this forum because it was the closest to the DAW that I am running (Cakewalk DAW) . I have been using Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 since, well, 2004. I know it is a very old DAW by now, but it serves for what I do. However, I recently purchased a 1 terrabyte drive and...
  6. audiokid

    SONAR - 12 months of membership meaning ... Which version is right for you? SONAR now boasts a powerful new line up designed to meet the needs of any musician, regardless of skill level or budget. And every version includes 12 months of membership meaning you will always get the latest and...
  7. Si Cassidy

    Novation Zero SL MK 2 with Sonar

    Hi All Has anybody had any experience with the above DAW Control Surface? I use Sonar x3 Producer, and at present use my A500 Pro Control Surface function, and to be honest, like the feel of proper faders and knobs for pan etc. I have tried V-Control pro for iPad, nice idea, but not quite the...
  8. Si Cassidy

    Remote Control for Sonar

    Hi All, While recently looking through adds for Control Surfaces for my Sonar x3, I came across an article on an app for iPad called V-Control Pro. This would allow me to control, (in my case, an already set up workspace in Sonar) using an iPad touchscreen. I have an A-500 Pro midi keyboard...
  9. Si Cassidy

    Cry Baby Wah into Sonar

    Recently, all my recording has been "in the box" using various plug in effects to my liking. Question is: Can I plug my guitar into my Jim Dunlop Cry Baby, then into my Roland Quad Capture ?
  10. R

    I am having trouble recording guitar tracks into Sonar X3

    I am using Peavey ReValver Mk III.V as an effects processor and I am having difficulties coming to terms with the fact that after I record a guitar track into Sonar X3 the effects aren't recorded but rather just the DI signal. I installed Peavey ReValver as an plug-in effect inside a folder for...
  11. pcrecord

    New Sonar X3 adventure !

    Hi guys and girls, I started the tests of Sonar X3c this weekend. (upgrading from X2 I'm gonna let you know if I have any problems I did the installation on a new HDD, (so my X2 is still available if I have problems) First the installation went smooth. The cosmetic changes are very light so...
  12. audiokid

    Cakewalk Sonar X2a Touchscreen Demo

    Here's a demo of the new touchscreen interface of Sonar X2a by Cakewalk and the new plugin CA-2A at the NAMM Show 2013.
  13. R

    Simple comparison of Cakewalk/Sonitus VST vs. Waves Renaissance Maxx

    Hi, I downloaded a Waves plugin package I'm thinking of getting. I didn't realize that they had anything available that didn't cost an arm and 2 legs. Someone else had an old post about waves plugins for $9. That got me looking at their website. I have never tried their plugins but they are a...
  14. hueseph

    Sonar X2a Touch Capability

    Innovating. Judge for yourself.
  15. audiokid

    Sonar, VS 700C, hardware integration questions

    Has anyone used Sonar with the VS 700C in a hybrid application (full integration between hardware and software)? Is this DAW exclusive to ITB or does it have a nice workflow otb too? If I got the VS 700C, do I need to use their interface/ ADDA for it or can I use my interface and converters?
  16. hueseph

    Sonar X2 is around the corner.

    It's looking pretty good. There's a few smart features that I'm looking forward to. Smart grid actually. Apparently this grid anticipates how you need it to work. Check it out...
  17. J

    tips for reducing USB 2.0 latency? (Windows 7, sonar, scarlett 2i2)

    Windows 7 64-bit Intel core2quad@2.4ghz 4gb ram Cakewalk Sonar x1 (32bit install) Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, USB 2.0 Sonar is reporting latency of between 10-16 ms (round trip i think). around 10 if i reduce the buffer to as low as it goes and it was a bit over 16 to start with. I read about...
  18. N

    No vocals on MP3 in Sonar 8 Pro

    Hello all. I am still very new to all this, but I'm using an MXL 990 mic wit NADY phantom power, XLR to 1/8 on a realtek ALC892 sound. Sonar 8 producer I have recorded several songs and mixed them to mp3 using LAME successfully. However, this particular song, no matter what I do when mixing...
  19. O

    setting up sonar x1 64bit on three storage drives

    I just upgraded to sonar x1 producer expanded and am wonder what files should go on which drives? I have the ssd c drive for the OS, programs and all vst dll. files, and two 1tb caviar blacks drive D and E. D is for the audio and E for sample libraries. Can someone give me a rundown on how to...
  20. M

    Question about Sonar X1 and Reaper

    This isnt really meant to be a DAW vs DAW thread, so heres the situation. I used a version of Cubase a long time ago when I was first learning from a fellow artist who engineers his own music. The artist I do music with now and I bought some gear off another friend and it included Magix Music...