1. P

    Soundelux u195 vs Bock Audio 195?

    Atlas Pro Audio is selling an unused [=""]Soundelux u195[/] for the same price as a new [=""]Bock...
  2. S

    What pre can make Soundelux 47 give Neumann 47 sound?

    GUYS PLEASE HELP. Im sure your answers will help 100's o others out there too. I got a budget of 6K GBP ($12k) if i make use of interest free cred. I want to make some vocal recs of Indian Classical. (you can get an idea of voice on recorded on AKG c414). I dig...
  3. A

    another soundelux question

    are any of you aware of a soundelux microphone that might be resemblent of the U67? (i'm assuming its the U99?) and if there is one, would you rather have it or the M149/50?
  4. A

    soundelux ifet7

    does this microphone measure up to the u47 fet?
  5. B

    Soundelux ELUX 251

    Anyone have any opinions on this mic? Anyone have any good stories of it's use with a specific pre on a specific instrument/voice? Thanks is advance!
  6. S

    Soundelux iFET7

    What are your thoughts on this mic? Im looking at it and the Soundelux U99 and the Soundelux E251C. I have a Neumann TLM103 and am looking for a better mic. Is the iFET7 good or should I just move up to one of the others? I'll be running it through an Avalon 737sp and will eventually...
  7. S

    Rode K2 vs. Soundelux U195

    I have a K2 but I'm finding it a tad to bright on my vocals. Just a little too high-endy. I'm looking for something a little silkier. I just brought a u195 to try out which I'm told is less bright, albeit a totally different flavour of mic. I have the option of keeping the one I like...
  8. L

    Soundelux MIC

    Hi gentlemen. I am interested in buy a Mic Soundelux. I record locutions for commercials. My voice crest is very guttural. It would like a mic that had good capitation for low frequencies and brightness. Could anybody indicate some Soundelux? Someone can give some opinion? Thanks.
  9. J-MADD

    New Vocal Mic (MG, Soundelux)

    Ok I STILL can't figure out what I want (no way to test mics here in the middle of nowhere). I use a 414 uls through a 428 with a distressor as my vocal chain and it works pretty good. I want to step it up with a better mic as I have read the 414 is not really a superb vocal mic. I am looking...
  10. J-MADD

    Soundelux U 195 vs. AT 4060 for vocals.

    I am looking at both of these mics as my next purchase. I have absolutely no experience with tube mics (AT 4060). I have heard great things about both. As I have been told my voice is a bit brittle and soft, I am trying to find a mic for only doing vocals (rock). Just seeing what people...
  11. S

    wanted-thoughts on Tlm 103, Soundelux U195, Gefell M930

    So this has been covered a bagillian times in these forums, but now i'm in the position of actually having to choose one of these for a multipurpose (mostly vocals) lg diaphram condenser- I'm familiar with the Tlm103 and how it sounds. Some folks seem to like the others more. I know its a...
  12. A

    Best all around Soundelux for male and female vocals

    Which is most likely to work the vast majority of singers - U99b, E47 or ElUX? THANKS.
  13. D

    Neumann M-149 vs Brauner valvet vs Soundelux U-99

    Hi there, I am looking for a good tube mic. please give me your opinion about these mics (can i save money by buying a cheaper mic) Neumann M-149, Brauner valvet Soundelux U-99 thanks & regard Dinesh
  14. I


    I'm interested in the U195 or U99 as primarily a vocal mic and secondarily for acoustic guitars. I was considering a Neumann U87ai, but have heard undesireable things about them. Could someone describe the sound differences between the two Soundelux models and what types of voices/styles of...
  15. S

    Soundelux E47 vs Lawson 47?

    Has anyone a/b'd these?
  16. R

    Soundelux E47

    Anyone had a chance to use the new Soundelux E47 yet? I saw a prototype at AES in New York. I know some already have been sold. I'm in Vancouver, BC Canada and haven't had a chance to audition one. I'll probably have to drive to Seattle to see/hear one. Any opinions yet? Fletcher said a...
  17. Y

    Soundelux U95S vs. new E47

    Hello. Has anyone out there a/b`d the new E47 against the U95S? I`ve been told that the E47 is being shipped out as a cardiod only mic and that the user has to perform a mod if he/she wants to use it in the other patterns. I might be wrong, but that`s what I heard. Thanks, Yoshi Aono
  18. K

    Soundelux 95S opinions ?

    I'm considering one and would appreciate opinions on this mic from anyone who has used it.
  19. P

    Soundelux E47

    Anybody hear one of these? Anybody have one? I am a recent Soundelux convert and now am looking at this mic as well as the 251. Your feedback please. Steve
  20. R

    Opinions: Soundelux U195 FET mic...

    Hi dudes, Just wanting a little feedback on this unit. I am in the market for a pair of something large di. that will work well on different apps, including pop/rock vox. I have a couple of decent tube mics, but I am curious about the 195 FET (with fat switch). Does it sound as cool as it...