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    Has anyone heard and/or reviewed the sp828 yet?????

    I am looking to purchase both the Studio Projects sp828 and 2 "Bricks" (in about a month) giving me a total of 10 pre's that will hopefully blow my crappy Presonus and Behringer pre's out of the water. My only concern now is that I cannot find any reviews regarding this product. While I know...
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    RNP, Sytek, SP 828 vs "The Brick"

    I was doing a recording session last week and was recording drums. I ran out of mics for the drum kit so one of the guys brought a SM58 with him. We used the sm 58 Hanging right over the Ride cymbal, about 2 inches up and away from the bell. I ran that thru the RNP preamp and I was...
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    sytek mp4a vs Studio projects sp828?

    Anyone feel like comparing the sound of the 2? Just sold my Focusrite Octopre to fund a new RME fireface and Samplitude software. But now I need some pres. I was thinking of grabbing the Sytek 4 channel pre w/ the Burr brown option. Sytek has 2 flavors of pre, 4 total. Studio Projects, 8...
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    Any one tried this 8 channel pre yet, I thought at first it was 8 vtb1's in 1 rack space, but it looks to be different. On the website it says that the unit has new burr brown ics in it too. I am looking to use it for drum kit tracking. bobbo
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    SP828 or m-audio Octan???

    Hi :D , My soundcard is Motu 828 MK2 and I need some mic preamps. Would you rather choose SP828 or m-audio Octan with adat? I thing that the only advantige of Octan is that I can have more inputs on my audio interface. What about sound quality? I used crappy Behringer MX series mixer preamps...