spectral cleaning

  1. Bevypinky

    how to remove talking from fiddle Tunes???

    is there anyone who knows how i can remove talking from fiddle tunes. it's already been recorded about 30 years ago, but i recorded it from my stereo which you can record from cassette to Cd. the reason i am trying to remove it, it's my father that is playing the fiddle tunes, but he passed away...
  2. Brother Junk

    Mitigating Fret Noise (example attached)

    Here is something I recorded yesterday with my Bluebird, the Mbox Pro and PT. Mic was about 12" from sound port. I know the BB is usually a vocal mic, it's just the only one I have atm. Someone is coming over today with an SM57 to see if I can get it any better, but I wanted people's thoughts...
  3. S

    Clipping Peak Removal?

    Hi, I have several old tracks that have the odd clipped peak. I was wondering on recommendations for 'fixing' these. I realise that these are somewhat limited in scope, but in my case these are tracks that are fine except for 3-4 unsightly overs. I've seen adverts for various tools like...
  4. C

    Cleaning up live recordings

    A mate of mine has given me some recordings of his band that were done while they were playing live. He seems to think that because I have a few music programs on my computer that I can make them sound like they were recorded in a studio! I said "err no" but I hope I can do something to them to...