1. X

    New Rode VideMic Pro recording at lower-than-normal levels?

    I recently bought the Rode VideoMic Pro to couple with my Zoom H1 in order to obtain better and cleaner sound in my videos by recording the person's voice from up top, as close as I can get to the mouth, which is normally around 30-40 cm. However, I'm finding that at normal to...
  2. K

    Recording a speech.

    Good day I don't have any knowledge on voice recording. We're currently recording a speech on a weekly basis, where the person delivering the speech is about 50cm away from the microphone and sometimes turning his head slightly away from the microphone. We are currently using a mobile phone...
  3. W

    recording speech while Skydiving

    Hi all, I am new around here. First a quick who am I. I work for a local radio station in Queensland Australia, I am the Drive producer. I have always worked in sound somehow or another, growing up I taught guitar at the local music store. My question is, I am fairly new to recording sound...
  4. P

    Shure PG58 - for speech?

    Hi guys, I'm stepping into voiceover work and am considering options for recording at home. I already have a Shure PG58, but when testing with Garageband it doesn't sound too good. It's connected directly to my macbook via XLR female / standard jack male cable (quite long), then thru a 3.5mm...
  5. G

    I gave a Mixing How-To speech today, you can have the materials

    Today, I gave an instructional speech for beginners on the basics of mixing professional audio for a record release. I've uploaded the reference materials in a zip file and posted them to DropBox. Don't expect an in-depth mixing guide that's taken years to develop, this is a rough outline...
  6. N

    text-to-speech program

    i'm amateur software developer, and i'm writing a program that will "read" given text. i record phonemes, one-by-one, but because i don't record them in studio (actually i'm recording them at home, with shitty microphone), every .wav file has different amplitude, frequency, etc, and after...
  7. J

    Microphone diagnostic question for those also having experience recording speech

    I am going to be doing some mic testing shortly. I joked in another thread that it would only be on guitars, as there is not a mic in the world that could flatter my singing voice enough to tell if it was any good. However, I am wondering if I can use the spoken word as a diagnostic tool...
  8. M

    Making voice deeper (speech, not singing)

    I have a rather odd request. A project I'm working on requires me to make my voice deeper. This is easily achievable if I simply play around with the pitch BUT this method produces a very unnatural sounding voice. How would you go about achieving a natural sound if this was your project...
  9. N

    JFK Speech

    I Just finished a recording of a song that uses a part of JFK's We CHoose the Moon speech. Before I start selling this things I was wondering if there were and government speech copyright laws I should be aware of.
  10. P

    Sony PCM D50 - Recording speeches

    Hi Pros … Please help me optimize my digital field recorder – Sony PCM D50 for recording speeches (vocals). Work I do: I volunteer at a spiritual organization. Been doing it for long time. I record spiritual discourses. It’s always one speaker – male with a deep bass voice. I...
  11. P

    Recommended vocal speech recording settings

    Please advise the best practices for recording vocals in terms of sampling rate, bit depth etc. We use equipments that support latest standards such as - Digi 002, Sony PCM-D1 and such. We will be recording spiritual discourses / speeches that will be digitally distributed, stored for...
  12. M

    Help needed for speech on the music Industry

    Hi every one. I am doing speech at school about careers and i need some standard infomation on being a music producer, audio engineer or really any job in the music industry. Answering any of them would be a great help for his speech 1.How would you describe this career? (competitive...
  13. Mak

    looking for speech slow down device

    Looking for a device to take speech(live), buffer it (perhaps up to ten minutes) then spit it out at at standard pitch after it is slowed down or sped up by the listener with a variable speed knob. Anyone know of such a device?.. looking to talk with Clintrubber IC designer from Netherlands...
  14. S

    speech voice

    What would you do for a voice which is actually a speech for a video, its just a voice, what would you do to it to make it sound as good as possible, I know this is very simple, just want to know different opinions. In my case, Id EQ and compress. how about you?
  15. M

    how to eq & compress speech

    Hi @ all , maybe thats discussed in this forum before and please excuse any bad english. I want to know how to make the (I call it) typical compression sounding on synchonisation (speech) of films or speech in radio stations ? It sounds mid , very close and with no headroom left but...