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    Cranesong Spider

    Howdy. I have an opportunity to pick up one of these (around 2002 or maybe 2003 model) for a very decent price. [="http://www.cranesong.com/spider.html"]spider[/] Never heard it in use, but I imagine the preamps and converters are way ahead of the ones in my Mackie Onyx 1640, which is also my...
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    Spider from Crane song

    Hi!What do you think about spider cranesong? Have you any experiences or audio examples make with crane song stuff?(please explain your audio chain to get this example) Thanks for all, Julien :wink:
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    CraneSong Spider

    Wouldn't it be nice....... http://cranesong.com/products/spider/index.html Wonder if they got the adat i/o to 96k. According to the website, they were expecting to have this by mid 2003, but no other update to it. Just a thought...
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    Augh! My spider is whistling at 14.386kHz!!

    Finally got my new spider up and running, buuuut... There's a whistle at exactly 14,386Hz coming from the digital (and analog!) 2-bus that is killing my ears!! It's not loud, in fact it's buried somewhat by the unit's inherent noise. But it's still piercing! Is there anyone out there that's...
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    Any interfaces for Spider / DAW?

    Hey all you pro audio people, I've got a Crane Song Spider on the way and I've been going crazy trying to find a digital interface for my Windows PC. Something along the lines of the MOTU 308, only in 24/96 instead. I need 8 channels of AES/EBU in and out. Kind of a weak area in the market...
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    spider or 1" 8track????

    I've decided I need something to fatten up the front end. I have recently updated the place with a fatso, great pres, and that helps loads. But I still need the huge-yet-tight low end of an analog deck. I just want 8 channels of it, and have been eyeing 1" decks. But the maintenence and...
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    Cranesong Spider

    Has anyone had experience with this 8 ch. preamp/A to D unit?
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    Anyone actually use or hear the Spider??

    I was curious if anyone has had any "hands on" with the Cranesong Spider .............. how was it? The second coming of Christ or just another day in land of 0's & 1's?? Seems like quite the package with a high bang for the buck factor, if you can muster up that kind of green. Thanks, Tony
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    a quick Spider question...

    it's a bit unclear from the Cranesong website, so i'm curious if the currently shipping unit has: a) 96k capability for all dig. outputs...and b) the headphone jack? ....and if not... as a guestimate, could one expect them before, say, xmas? considering the combined costs of what 8 ch.'s of...
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    If I ask again about the Spider...

    Last I heard it really was almost to you. What's the latest? In another month Beringer will be releasing their "Centipede", complete with Dave Hill's typos in the DSP code. J.
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    cranesong spider

    When will you get it? Any news? :confused: