1. T

    Avalon, Focusrite ISA430 MKII, or SPL Frontliner? Which one to get?

    Hey guys, I really need good advice! feedback or anything that can help me choose between these 3 Channel Strips. I can buy any of these and I need to get one fairly soon. I think I’ve read almost everything online regarding these Channel Strips, but the votes are so 50/50, so can’t make up my...
  2. audiokid

    8 x SPL Premium MicPre's in 500 rack

    The Premiums are SPL top mic-pre's. They are loaded with Lunduhl trannies both in and out, plus these ones have the secondary out for redundant tracking etc. If you are looking for 8 pre's in a rack, these are amazing for drums and other acoustic tracking projects. I'm giving this 8 channel...
  3. W

    SPL PASSEQ hardware version? any users out there with an opinion?

    been hmmming and hawwwwing over this for about year now im looking for another passive eq, i have a minimassive and a massive passive i find those two worlds apart. the massive has serious heft and i find it coloured in a good way but doesn't work for everything. the mini is my favorite eq bar...
  4. audiokid

    Royer SF-24 Orpheus, SPL Neos, Choirs

    Just finished up at the Festival. Here is a short clip of a choir where I used a Royer SF-24, Prism Orpheus summed through the SPL Neos. NOTE: You can adjusted the volumes on these tracks. 44.1 /24
  5. U

    Splicing/Cropping/trimming? an audio file in Pro Tools LE 8 for Mac OSX

    Not sure exactly what the correct term is, which is probably why I can't find an answer online, but does anyone know how to trim an extremely small part of an audio file? I've tried zooming in, changing the main counter to "min:sec", "bars:beats" and then "samples"...but still, it doesn't give...
  6. audiokid

    MixDream, SSL X Patch, Liaison, Masterbay S

    I've been intrigued with the SSL XPatch for a few years and how it served anyone using an SPL MixDream ? To cross link a product that may work as good for me or better for us MixDream lovers, SPL has a new product called...
  7. audiokid

    Adding a passive summing box to a MixDream

    Brain wave just started and I haven't even thought through it much so here's to thinking out loud: I'm electrically DIY challenged so any one here able to tell me the best way I could incorporate or Mod a passive summing box like this [="http://www.unitaudio.com"]Unit Audio - Unit Audio Home[/]...
  8. audiokid

    SPL Premium Mic Pre for parallel tracking

    I have added some SPL Premium Mic Pre's to my mic pre arsenal [="http://spl.info/produkte/rackpack-modulsystem/rackpack-8.html"]RackPack 8: Sound Performance Lab[/]. Other than sounding truly wonderful, they have two line outs that could be used for a variety of things including parallel...
  9. audiokid

    MixDream Direct Out summing options

    I'm very happy with what I have going but over the weekend I was searching around for ideas on how users might utilize the Direct Outs of a MixDream to further expand its abilities. I got wondering if I could add a Folcrom to the Direct Outs, do some mojo there with a nice pre and return back...
  10. audiokid

    Using the Folcrom with my MixDream

    I was going to get the Folcrom last year but it didn't work out, but I'm still thinking about it. I'm wondering if anyone has ever used one together with a MixDream or Dangerous 2-bus for added flavour? I'm thinking it would be very cool to use it on a few stems already OTB or the 2-bus...
  11. audiokid

    SPL MasterBay S - The S-Class Patchbay

    Looks like SPL is making something similar to the Dangerous Liaison, Check it out: SPL MasterBay S - The S-Class Patchbay Traditional patchbays are very useful to distribute signals. However, when it comes to mastering, many engineers wish they had...
  12. audiokid

    SSL Xpatch with MixDream

    Anyone tried using the SSL Xpatch with a MixDream? I'm trying to get my head around the conf for this.
  13. audiokid

    SPL Premium MicPre's and RackPack Arrived today!

    I am so excited! Unpacking now. Loaded some pictures of my rig. Its like Christmas. :biggrin: enlarge
  14. FVL

    Midi editor to split song into sections

    Anyone here have any idea if there is a software (Windows7 based system) to take midi data for a song, add markers or something, then be able to export the regions as separate midi files (midi format 0)? I have a bunch of songs that I would like to build some drum loop archives for practice...
  15. D

    Presonus Eureka vs SPL Channel One?

    Hi, Has anyone on here had any experience with both of these preamps? How do they compare?
  16. audiokid

    SPL MTC 2381 Monitor & Talkback Controller

    Just thought I'd mention that I've been using the SPL MTC 2381, Monitor Talkback Controller for a year now and it is excellent. I'm really happy I bought it and highly recommend it. It does exactly what its supposed to do and the sound quality is excellent."Stereo volume, source and...
  17. audiokid

    SPL Passeq Analog Code reviews

    Wow, The SPL Passeq Analog Code has just been announced. http://recording.org/content/620-spl-passeq-analog-code.html I have the SPL Passeq hardware (real thing) and its amazing. It costs $5300.00 and now there is a plug-in for $199 USD. Please let us know how you like this.
  18. audiokid

    SPL Phonitor

    Man, SPL makes some really fine gear and the Phonitor sounds pretty cool. I can see how I could appreciate this when you are tracking and midi programming in your control room like I do all the time. Check this out.
  19. audiokid

    19" XLR or TRS analog patchbay for MixDream 25 pin send/return

    I'm looking for a 25 pin to 25 pin patchbay that connects the 1 to 8 and 9 to 16 analog send and returns of the MixDream. I want it have the options to patch my analog gear to either XLR or TRS for each channel. This way it saves me from buying double snakes or extra adapters. What are some...
  20. audiokid

    SPL M/S Master

    Here is a press release that I just published. I find it especially interesting and timely because I am really jacked up over OTB summing. Now this has just been released. Maybe some of you might want to chat about this here. Here is the article...