1. audiokid

    SPL MixDream analog DAW summing

    Okay, I'm taking the high road. After so much reading this past year on analog summing amps, then finally listening to some samples, its definitely what I need. This unit takes that ITB closet sound (I've been going nuts trying to overcome) and opens your mix up into a warm fat sound. No wonder...
  2. I

    spl is giving away SPL Attacker for FREE

    just wanted to share this with you all! enjoy! http://www.spl.info
  3. audiokid

    SPL Cabulator Review

    I've had my eyes on the Cabulator for almost a year. SPL is going to be at AES booth 361. If anyone has the opportunity to try this at the show or other SPL products like their Rack Pack stuff ... Please chime in. For those who don't know about this:
  4. D

    UAD - Neve or SPL Transient Designer

    I have the Cambridge, Realverb/Dreamverb, Fairchild, Pultec, Pultec pro, 1176,LA2A, Prec Lim, Prec EQ, Plate 140. I know this is a very personal decision, but I can not decide if I should get one of the great Neve plugs (and which one) or the SPL Transient Designer. I've heard great things...
  5. G

    SPL Mixdream

    Hi, I was looking at this; http://spl.info/en/hardware/summing-amps/mixdream/short-description.html I read all that, I searched the web and read all the stuff that didn't seem like trash. I couldn't find any user reviews. I noted that the RO price is the lowest I could find, so I thought...
  6. audiokid

    SPL Kultube

    Has anyone here used the Kultube form SPL?
  7. A

    SPL Channel One and TL Audio 5051 mk2 comparison

    Hi! Newbie to this forum. I´m on my way to purchase a budget micpreamp. Have found two good deals on two separete products; a SPL Channel One and a TL Audio 5051 mk2. The SPL is second hand and the 5051 is brand new. The prices for them are about the same (990USD for the 50501, 1070USD...
  8. B

    SPL Charisma 2

    Anyone here use this machine? It is supposed to add analog sound to a digital one... Tube effects.
  9. B

    SPL Goldmike 9844 (preamp)

    Hello people, I would have liked to know if some of you know/use the SPL Goldmike preamp. I use a Motu Traveler soundcard, I plan to record acoustic stuffs such as acoustic guitar, violin, jazz, piano.... At the moment, I have an AKG C414BULS, and a pair of Rode NT5 that I would plan to...
  10. N

    SPL vitalizer vs plug-in

    Hello. I am used to pass my mixdowns through a SPL Vitalizer in the final stage before mastering (someone would agree and someone would not...but I like it). Is there any plug-in doing the same job under windows (VST/DX, no RTAS) ?
  11. J

    SPL GoldMike MK2?

    So I had my eyes on the Manley VoxBOX (mainly for its pre) as I had previous experience with it and it suited my voice quite well. But the other day I read about the SPL GoldMike, and its updated version, the MK2, and it caught my eye. Its "FLAIR" feature, supposedly adds presence and...
  12. C

    SPL gold mike mk2

    Anybody had any expirience with this preamp is it any good for accoustic stereo recording thanks!
  13. C

    SPL Gold Mike MK2 - Anyone Own One? Thought?

    Just trying to find out more about SPL's GoldMike MK2 Mic Pre - if you own one I would like to hear your thoughts on the unit. Thanks!
  14. D

    SPL Gold mike vs APHEX 207D

    Hi Guys, What do u think which one is a good mic pre. SPL Gold mike vs APHEX 207D. or any other in same price range thanks
  15. T

    SPL Transient Designer

    So it's great for drums. Can it control the dynamic range for vocals? like a peak limiter. I know its not a compressor/ limiter, but can it simulate one? I've nevere used it before.
  16. S

    SPL Gain Station 1 -- Anyone have experience with one?

    In reading the description at the spl-usa.com website, they mention that the gain of the separate solid state amp and tube amp is additive. That is 30dB ss plus 26dB tube plus 7dB Lundahl transformer for a total of 83dB gain. Am I interpreting this correctly? SG
  17. B

    SPL Channel One

    Has anyone had any experience with this preamp? This will be my first preamp purchase, (used for main vocals) and it sounded great in the shop. I've tried the Amek CIB, AU6176, and they seem to sound superior on some material, but not like double the price better. Is anyone using an SPL Channel...
  18. G

    Anyone familiar w/ older SPL Vitalizers?

    I purchased an SPL Stereo Vitalizer Jack from Coast Recording in Cali last week. What arrived yesterday, however, is not the Jack model, but what appears to be its precursor (the manual has a 1993 copyright). It has essentially the same controls as the Jack, though the "Brilliance" knob is...
  19. M

    spl dynamaxx

    I recently discovered this interesting compressor and I´m thinking about getting one to use as an "add-on"-compressor for drums. I haven´t had the chance to try one out yet, so has anybody used the dynamaxx and how did you like it ? The purpose as I said is not as a part of the recording channel...
  20. C


    Anyone have any experience with either a SPL Tube Vitalizer or their new MK2-T mastering unit? thanks C Jo Go