spring reverb

  1. audiokid

    (term) Spring Reverb

    A spring reverb system uses a transducer at one end of a spring and a pickup at the other, similar to those used in plate reverbs, to create and capture vibrations within a metal spring. Laurens Hammond was granted a patent on a spring-based mechanical reverberation system in 1939. Guitar...
  2. V

    Analog Spring reverb decision

    Hello everyone, So I know there's a few posts out there on this topic already so you'd think I could make my mind up but I'm actually torn! I don't have access to play any of the options I'm considering, so I'm reaching out for help. I'm looking at the following spring reverbs Carl Martin -...
  3. PSP

    PSP SpringBox an emulation of a high-end quality studio spring reverberator.

    Hi, We are happy to announce the release of the [="http://pspaudioware.com/plugins/reverbs/psp_springbox1/"]PSP SpringBox[/], an emulation of a hardware spring reverberator in VST, AU, AAX and RTAS plug-in formats for Windows and Mac OS X. PSP SpringBox recreates several features typical...
  4. elbiciclista

    Best gear to connect spring reverb into line-level patchbay?

    I have a very nice spring reverb that I use between my guitar and my guitar amp. I would like to connect it to my studio patchbays and use it during mixdown. It is a tube buffered unit...........to be specific, a Dumblelator-type circuit with the reverb hard-wired into its effects loop...
  5. A

    AKG BX20E spring reverb - how to sold the 5 pin plug

    Hey there. I recently bought a BX20E AKG spring reverb but the remote is not working. I have to sold the 5 pin plug connector. Can anyone help me understanding what the 5 pin stands for or how to find a diagram that explains it. thanks in advance
  6. L

    tube spring reverb

    can anyone recommend a high quality tube spring reverb?
  7. T

    A good spring reverb?

    Well even if I love my DAW and all theplug-ins.. I want to get a good spring reverb for my home/project studio. Do you have any favourites that you can reccomend? The AKG ones are too expensive right now for me. I'm looking for a more budget thing... Has anyone tried a Biamp reverb? Or...
  8. T

    Spring Reverbs?

    The review of the Demeter box in the new Mix got me thinking I'd like to try out a spring reverb for certain things, but don't necessarily want to drop 5-600 bucks on a unit...What are some other spring 'verbs of the past that are worth having a look at? I remember the Furman sounded pretty...