1. manuel_trnd

    Cracks During recording

    Hi there , Ive been experiencing some really weird and annoying issues with my recordings in cubase lately. Im recording drums with 9 microphones, afterwards I'm dubbing bass an then guitars and vox. Mostly when I'm done with drums and bass and start with layering guitars I start to hear little...
  2. kmetal

    Samsung release 970 evo M.2 SSD Drives Holy Smoke batman, these things are screaming fast!!!! 3,500mb read speeds, 2,500mb write speeds! and the best part, is they are as cheap, or cheaper than the predecessors. Man, am i glad i waited to build my flagship...
  3. M

    Looking for 70’s drumsound!

    Hi, all! I´m new here and this is my first post. I´m not new to recording, I started in the 70´ies, but I was rather late adapting the digital recording technique. I mainly play 70´ies rock/prog music and I record via Focusrite to Mixcraft (excellent recording program). I play guitar, bass and...
  4. audiokid

    Installing SSD for RO.

    Let's see how it ups the performance. Cheers!