ssl preamps

  1. audiokid

    How the Pros Choose Microphone Preamps

    When it comes to iconic mic preamps, the "Big Four" manufacturers — Neve, API, SSL, and Universal Audio — are responsible for some of the most revered preamps ever made. Hardware like the Neve 1073 and API's 512 and 212L mic preamps, as well as classic SSL pres and Universal Audio's own 610 tube...
  2. W

    Warm audio / SSL preamps

    Hi...I have a presonus 192 interface with the xmax pre's, and have been looking at upgrading/getting other pre's for vocals and acoustic guitar. Looking at SSL, 4 pre's for $1700; Warm audio, 4 pre's around $1000 and others Daking, UA610,etc... same price range. My question really is has...