1. markymarkgoesmetal!

    Static/hum is ruining my inspiration to record!

    One month back, I'm recording. Life's a dream. Now despite no change (that I can think of) in my recording process, a white noise or otherwise a static crunch plagues my every new recording. When I hit record, I hear nothing but silence in my headphones. As soon as I play back what I've just...
  2. H

    Help isolating recorded noises and whispers when asleep

    Long story short, I keep hearing $*^t in my house, it sounds like people talking and I hear running around etc. We have cameras in our house, but they keep magically looking very grainy, I used voice amplifier but magically again...when I suspect sounds like my ear is blown off when...
  3. Huntertreat14

    Help with Static in Audio Loop

    I have an MXL 770 Mic that runs over a Roland XLR cable to a Roland Rubix 22 Audio Interface. Pretty much everything in my loop is brand new and Im getting this horrid background noise all the sudden. No matter which mic I use I still get the same static. Whether I have a mic plugged in or...
  4. M

    Wireless mic static

    I have a Sennheiser transmitter-receiver ew100 G3. It's going into a Canon XA20 pro camcorder, into the Input on the Handle, which is set to Mic/Manual/flat (center). It's always worked fine for me until lately. I moved into an apt/hotel where the only Internet is their WiFi. I started...
  5. D

    Please Help me fix this ASAP

    Hey.. I created an account to talk to the pros, you guys, I need help ASAP.. it's been about a year since it started doing this and I dunno what to do anymore... I am so frustrated I dont even know what to call this sound and it seems I am the only one getting this issue I've tried fixing...
  6. D

    MXL 770 really bad hum

    Hello! I have a problem with my MXL 770 mic Yesterday that was all ok. But now i hear so many background/static noise from the MXL 770. I attached file with that hum. What can i say more.. It is not problem with mixer or cable.. i was connect mxl 990 with the same cable, mixer, and input...
  7. B

    KRK Rokit 6 static/whistling

    Hey guys, I'm new here so apologies if I could have posted this in a better section :) Today I purchased some 2nd hand Rokit 6's. They sound amazing when hooked up to my Roland MC505 but when I add a 1/4 > 3.5mm adaptor so I can plug them into my PC...I get this nasty whistling noise when...
  8. A

    Condenser Mic Setup

    * (This is my first time trying to record using a condenser mic and I have spent days trying to figure this problem out) I am trying to connect an mxl 770 condenser microphone to my windows laptop to record audio. I purchased the following items...
  9. Chickenwomp

    Why are my monitors making this sound?

    yo can someone tell me what the hell is going on with my monitors? they were working fine and then i moved my desk around and now they sound like this
  10. L

    Static/Background noise on MXL 770

    I'm using the MXL 770 along with the Behringer U-Phoria UM2. Now, the Behringer use to make a lot of noise until i updated a driver. I knew it was the audio interface since i disconnected the actual recorder from it, and the laptop still allowed me to record. Now after that problem is gone, i...
  11. Chris M.

    White Noise/Static while recording in Reaper.

    Hey all, this will be my first post on the forum. I seem to have a problem with static/white noise. even when my mic is muted on my Behringer x2222. My mic is an AKG P420. The white noise always shows up when I normalize a track, whether I'm recording nothing or my guitar or voice. I'll put up...
  12. N

    Static problem!

    Hey Guys, If there's anybody out there who can give advice on this issue.. Oh how welcome that would be, as it's driving me nuts! A few months ago I noticed a faint static noise appearing in my recording - my set-up Neumann TLM49, Avalon 737sp, Symphony I/O, iMac El Capitan - ... The issue has...
  13. K

    Microphone weird noise / static / hum / helicopter please help :(

    Hi I made a account here because I can't find help anywhere else. I have had microphone problems for about a year. When I touch computer case the noise isnt so bad but still exits, and when I move microphone in some positions the noise changes little bit. Time to time it was so bad that mic...
  14. L

    Weird static all of a sudden from AT4040

    I've been using an AT4040 for years and then all of a sudden yesterday it started giving me this really weird and loud static. I tried swapping out the cable, but still the same result. I tried another condensor and that one worked fine through the same cable, pre and interface. Here is a...
  15. S

    Explosive Static Noise Sporadically

    Using an AKG c214 condenser, a Saffire 6 usb interface, and Ableton Live 8 to record at home I occasionally get THIS noise while recording, and I haven't been able to find anything online with a description matching the problem I'm having. Is it an issue with the mic? Like I said it's only...
  16. B

    DR-1 built in mic, left mic has static. Fixable?

    I am picking up about -18db static only on the left mic on my Tascam DR-1. I have reset the DR-1, I have re-formatted it, but the static is still there. I have gone to different rooms and it is consistently the same static. Is this fixable?
  17. P

    Static when recording vocals

    So I bought a 200 dollar mic, forgot the brand at the moment and an interface which I forgot too. It's something 8 something fx. But when I'm not recording, I can hear the voice through the speakers and it sounds amazing clear and everything but when I record or have the computer set up to...
  18. R

    Reduce static?

    Hi. I am new to recording and this forum and I wanted some advice on reducing static and other background noise when recording. I am attempting to record a guitar and a mic through direct input to my pc (I don't have an interface yet) and with both i get a constant static. I Suspect with the...
  19. R

    Loud Static noise!

    I'm currently using a M-Audio Fasttrack USB with my Yamaha HS50Ms. Whenever I play back music, whether it be from a movie, Cubase, Audicity, or mp3s, I get this really LOUD static noise that will randomly blast out at me during a track. This happens with headphones plugged in as well. I do not...
  20. N

    Monitor Static?

    I just got a pair of Mackie MR8s, and they sound fine so far, but I am getting a little static/hum. It's not terrible, but I have to keep the input level on the speakers low so it it's not noticeable (I don't really understand how I set the input level to be honest). I had a pair of M-audio...