1. kmetal

    Steinberg releases interface with Rupert Neve Transformers

    Not sure if this is old news or not, but it was new to me today and I figured I’d share. Very cool concept.
  2. K

    Steinberg's UR12 Maxed

    I have Steinberg's UR12 maxing my Prodipe TT1. Prodipe TT1 is a lovely sweet Shure sm57 clone. It does the job very well done. When I max TT1's gain i have noise in the background. Which is as we all well know is normal. My question is: 1 - I'm using my USB to both send data and power to...
  3. Hugo Drax

    Should a Neumann TLM 193 be this dark?

    I owned this mic in 1998 for a while and bought one again in 2014. I always thought it was good, plus it allowed investment in Neumann technology, which was otherwise well outside my budget - and still is. However, I find it extremely dark on vox (and instruments) and am certain a mic of this...
  4. ChrisH

    Apple iMac New OS X EL Capitan not working with Cubase

    Hi Everyone, Some super frustrating news.. Just updated to El Capitan OS X (That's when this problem started) The Problem: - No audio output being sent to my Apogee Symphony system even when routing is correct. - When I go to record I get the error "ASIO Driver not running" from Cubase and no...
  5. Dr_Willie_OBGYN

    Anything like Steinberg Free Filter?

    IS there a plugin out there that works like like Steinberg's Free Filter? Free Filter would analyze the EQ of a track so that you could apply it to another track.
  6. B

    Whats up with Steinberg's licenser server?

    I have been trying too put Cubase on my new laptop I got yesterday and there are all these issues with the servers and maitnence... anyone know what is going on?
  7. C

    upset with Steinberg!!!!

    I am currently having a little battle with Steinberg. I have a broken license fob. I registered my products properly. I have purchased a new fob. I went though the crappy procedure of sending them the info about my fob and registration right off of their website (my steinberg). Finally I got an...
  8. A

    Steinberg ur824 and Pro Tools 10

    Does anyone know if the Steinberg UR824 audio interface works with Pro Tools 10? Any speed issues?. Thanks
  9. T

    Help with Steinberg CI1 interface and Sequel LE2

    First, I'm wondering if I'm in the correct forum... I'm fairly new... but I had my CI1 and Sequel LE2 running with some success... having fun. Then I had my computer upgraded from XP to Windows 7. In reinstalling Sequel LE2, everything seems to be restored... except the "input selection"...
  10. soundfarm1

    Steinberg "the grand" VSTi - strange ring overtone ?

    Has anyone else experienced an odd problem with "the grand" piano VSTi from steinberg where there is a high pitch ringing overtone (not clipping, static) on the lower register b-flat and b keys? (happens on recording and blaybackIt sounds just like mic feedback. Eliminating the ambience...
  11. L

    Presonus Firestudio Vs. Steinberg MR816X

    Presonus Firestudio Project Firewire Audio Interface Vs. Steinberg MR816X Firewire Audio Interface (1DSP) Which should I get? And would i need anything else to record drums besides mics cables and stuff...
  12. llatht

    Steinberg MR816x

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with this unit and could tell me what you thought of it.
  13. llatht

    Updating a Steinberg usb dongle

    Hey everyone. I'm getting ready to download the Cubase 5 trial version, and to operate it I'm going to have to update my usb dongle with the newest licence. Does anyone know if I'll still be able to operate sx2 with that same dongle once it's been updated?
  14. S

    Steinberg 816x - failed to initialize - Yamaha WDM driver disappears.

    Hello to all I have a PC and a Steinberg 816x and a very strange problem. After installing the driver and the software everything works well. Problem starts when after rebooting the windows (XP SP2) I get a following error message on the screen: "Failed to initialize". It's about the Yamaha...
  15. E

    Steinberg Cubase 5 vs. Cakewalk SONAR 8 Producer Edition

    I'm looking to buy some recording software along with a computer interface. My comp is fast, no problems there. I'm thinking about a MOTU 2408 Core MkIII PCIe interface. That leaves me with about a $600 budget for the software. I'm thinking Cubase 5 or SONAR 8. I will mostly record band...
  16. djmukilteo

    Steinberg CC-121

    Anyone out there currently using this interface with Cubase 4.5.2??? Looking for any opinion on the Steinberg controller or the Mackie controller or any other real world controllers that you use that work well or don't work well with Cubase 4.5.2. the mouse is getting tired....
  17. JLiRD808

    Steinberg Cubase Studio 4 or SX/SL3?

    Just wondering what you guys think. I'm doing my own comparisons online also. What are some of the different tools on each that you guys found especially useful? What is the SL3 "Hybrid" version? I do basic audio and midi single-track recording, editing, and am learning to do some...
  18. JLiRD808

    Steinberg Cubase SL3 or Studio 4?

    Just wondering what you guys think. I'm doing my own comparisons online also. What are some of the different tools on each that you guys found especially useful? I do basic audio and midi recording track by track. I've been using Cubase SE for about a year now and am thinking of upgrading...
  19. K

    how to setup my quitar on the steinberg cbase sx?

    i want to setup my quitar on the cbase sx, so i'll be able to record. i have make property all the connections with my (quitar,sound car and my quitar amplifier) but after that, i don't know what i must do to setup my quitar in the programm. when i'm trying to record,i don't have a signal. is...
  20. A

    Steinberg Magneto good settings?

    New to this plug and was wondering about any presets users of this plug have found that give a good saturation effect with out going overboard.