stereo processing techniques

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    figure 8 stereo possibilities?

    Is Blumlein it? If one has 2 figure 8 mics but cannot get them precisely alligned, is a good stereo recording possible?
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    Pristine Space - Please help me understand "true stereo

    Ok, I've got Pristine Space, and I am an ex-SIR user. I have a basic understanding that SIR does the mono-stereo thingie, it's not "true stereo". But boy is it easy to load up an impulse and just go with it. However, I am under the impression and thinking that "true stereo reverb" like PS...
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    Stereo Expansion

    What exactly does the stereo expansion effect do? How much should it be used in general?
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    Micing room for stereo, need some advice on mics!!

    I own a venue and I am recording the shows right now by tracking each instrument. Its working, just too much bleed to get that great recording. The room sounds amazing so I want to record the stage area and the mix that with the vocals. Im looking at these two mics..just kinda wanted to see...
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    how to sum 2 line level stereo signals ?

    Hi, To mix several signals in stereo, there is the mixing console, of course !! But i need no eq, no pan, no level control etc... no active circuitry... What i want is just to mix 2 stereo signal that goes out from 2 preamps (BG1), into a 2 tracks recorder (BB+)... (to 'copy' the Nagra V with...
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    Newbie Question - Recording Stereo Signals

    Hello RO! Anyone know for sure what the right way is to record a stereo signal? Is a stereo input on the recording console a must? Or can I just run the left and right of the strereo signal into two seperate mono channels with each panned accordingly? Is there any difference between the...
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    affordable stereo microphone

    I am in the market for buying a good sounding stereo microphone which will not break the bank. I record electric rock music including mellotrons, vocal harmonies and would at times like to use it as OH's for the drums. Are there any stereo mics out there that can withstand high spl's yet catch...
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    stereo spread

    hey this is Sam I am currently using Logic Exrpess and I have been trying to "spread" out my mono guitar sound a little bit, (away from the center) so I can hear the vocals better. I have been using a plug-in called "sample delay" which allows me to delay one speaker longer than the other...
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    How to make mono sounds to stereo ?

    How to make mono sounds to stereo ? I have <Arts of mixing> , A effect name'd "fatting" : get the original signal to left and get the delay to right. than use a stereo expand to change the sound width or narrow according to the book ,I can make sounds "width",but when I use stereo...
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    Achieving surround effect in Stereo Field

    Hey guys well i was wondering about creating surround effect in stereo field i heard some recording a while ago i don't know the artist or album i was hearing them in a stereo field and i really felt few things coming from the back or side it really felt like surround i believe there is...
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    What's wrong with this "stereo enhancing" techniqu

    I'm sure I'm creating some sort of calamitous phase doomsday or the like when I do this but I was wondering if someone might help quantify it for me. Here's the technique: 1. Split a stereo mix into two mono tracks. 2. Using a frequency band splitter, split each mono track into 5 separate...
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    Stereo/Mono Guitar Rig Routing Question

    I have a guitar rig that I use in various situations. It consists of a Pod Pro with a Lexicon MPX1 in the effects loop. I use this rig in both stereo and mono applications. It is set up for stereo, but I'd like a way to sum the outputs of the Pod for use in mono (into the pwr amp in of a tube...
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    Printing stereo mix inside Pro Tools...

    Hello all. I am curious as how to print a stereo mix inside of pro tools. I've done it numerous of time with a patch bay but I'm trying it on my home rig for the first time. I have a 002 with 6.9.2. I'm almost positive I must do something with my I/O setups, but maybe not. Any help would be...
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    Test your hearing across the stereo field!

    Hi There, I've recently completed a study on various stereo mic techniques (helped by a couple of you on this forum). To quantify my results a bit i've produced a simple listening test which i've made available on-line. Whilst I was creating the test it occured to me that I could also use the...
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    Is it necessary to match mics to be used in stereo?

    I have a Rode NT1 (not the newer NT1A) and am pretty happy with it. I have a ART Pro MPA and ART Pro VLA and am interested in doing a little stereo tracking (upright piano, acoustic guitar) I have thought about getting a pair of the Kel HM1's but was thinking that maybe I should should just...
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    Favorite main stereo pair configuration

    Just wanted to get some opinions, particularly from those who do classical recordings, as to what your favorite main pair configuration (XY, ORTF, M/S, AB, Decca Tree, Blumlein, at al) is & why. I happen to love a slightly wide (approx. 20cm) ORTF with wide/sub cardiod pair. I have always...
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    Quick question about setup (stereo or close miking)

    Hallo I'm recording soon classical singer with piano in the church. Have two cardioids (Rode NT5) and two omnis (Gefell M270) I was thinking to do it with just a couple of microphones, but since yesterday I know that the pianist will play some solo pieces also, so my question is: what would...
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    How do I record in stereo on Edirol FA-101?

    the 2 xlr mic inputs on front each seem to only record one channel........either left or right....... mono is fine for main take of vocals , but for double over vocals i'd like to be able to record in stereo.....also will want to record guitar in stereo too.......... anybody who uses...
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    Any tips on getting a wider stereo image ITB?

    I'm recording on Pro-Tools LE and I'm pretty happy with the results I get despite my sub par monitors. The only thing I haven't been able to do is get a really nice wide stereo image. At this point I'm limited to mixing ITB with plug-in's only. Any tips I should try?
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    Stereo Mic Placement Software

    Hi There, Does anyone know if there is any software available that will either attempt to work out the most appropriate stereo mic placement after analysing certain criteria regarding the sounds source, or analyse audio produced from a recording and provide data which might allow me to...