stereo processing techniques

  1. audiokid

    DPA Stereo Boom & Shock Mounts

    WOW! I have to say something here. DPA has to be one of the finest microphone companies in the world. I am so impressed with everything I have from them. Their stuff is pricey but you know what, their workmanship shows why. I've always wanted a nice stereo bar so why not eh. Well hold me...
  2. D

    Looking for a mix bus stereo compressor

    I am sure there's many opinions regarding this question But I am looking for a great one size fits all stereo compressor in and out of the box. in the $ 2000, dollar range. It will need to be utilitarian because I will only have the one and also a great plug in compressor. Currently I am using...
  3. audiokid

    Daking FET 3 Stereo Compressor

    The Daking FET III Stereo Compressor is new dual channel limiter from Geoff Daking, built in the US with the same audio path and detector circuits as our highly successful single channel Daking FET II limiter. The FET III compressor circuitry and gain stages are all discrete and fully Class...
  4. dvdhawk

    Stereo Imaging a Jazz Ensemble

    It's been a unusually diverse month. In the past few weeks I've provided PA for a good up-and-coming Christian pop/rock band from down NC way, a rapper, a motivational speaker, and a classic rock band. In addition to remote recordings for a blues/rock band, we had another first of recording...
  5. I

    -30 dB cut box - stereo signal

    Hey all! Recently I got a diagram from an audio technician at a company telling me how to make my own -10 dB cut and -20 dB cut stereo box. But now that I made them did I realize that I need one single box with around -25/-30 dB cut. I can see from the numbers I got from the technician that...
  6. M

    Mixing Stereo and Mono interconnect cables in system?

    About to hook up my friend's recently purchased equipment and went to Guitar Center this morning to get the interconnect cables. I am hooking up starting from top to bottom: Numark Mixer into Peavey EQ into Rane AC22 Xover into Crown MT1200 for bass and MT600 for mids and highs Normally...
  7. D

    Power Stereo Amplifier

    Hey, I'm currently using two different types of speakers as my temp monitors. One is a non-powered PA speaker and the other is my Ampeg 4x10 bass cab while going through a Berhinger Xenyx 1202. I'm using my bass head for now as my amp but I can only get one channel into the input so I can only...
  8. S

    Looking For Low End Laptop As Keyboard WS, Stereo Recorder

    I need a new Win7 laptop for musical use in live performance... (Rompler) and... at most as a stereo field recorder... or perhaps to take a feed from the house mix. I currently use an old Korg ws. It's getting to the end and I was about to look at a newer version, but then I realised that...
  9. sirchick

    2 mic stereo or 1 mic mono ?

    Hello, I'm wondering which is generally the better method of the two. But what do most people use when recording in bands? I was thinking of getting a second microphone to get a stereophonic sound but of course i will have the issues of phase and mic placements - but when done correctly would...
  10. M

    can i use a aiwa mini stereo speaker for recording?

    to an interface or home record studio? the cable dont have the rca plug in just a naked cable i need an adapter rca?
  11. A

    TRS Balanced and TRS Stereo Signal - Are They Wired The Same?

    Hi all - I know the difference between a monaural TRS cable that is used for hum-cancelling balanced line, and a stereo TRS cable that carries two separate L and R signals - my question is, are the cables and connectors themselves one and the same thing? Both functions need cables that have...
  12. vttom

    Question about stereo vs. mono...

    I've enjoyed reading through [=""]this recently resurrected thread[/] and, towards the end, the issue of the vocalist moving around came up. Let's say the performer moves a lot when they sing. Would it make...
  13. ThirdBird

    Consumer Stereo to Active Monitors BUZZING

    I have a Sears (yeah I know) LXI series stereo (from yesteryear). Can I hook it up to my active monitors? They are BehgE*Yspo87w3y Truth 2031A's. I hooked up the rca stereo out into the 1/4 inch. Mega BUZZ/HUMMING! Any solutions or finalities? Thanks!
  14. audiokid

    Stereo AD Converters

    We all know what it sounds like when we take two channels and pan them hard left and right and delay one track slightly. If you are recording something in stereo and the converters are not tight does it cause a similar effect? As an example: If we are recording a choir in stereo using two...
  15. U

    What size stereo bar?

    I keep looking at the grace and aea stereo bars.... and trying to figure out if it is worth getting the 10" or the 24" stereo bars. (or in the case of AEA, 17" and 1 meter) Any opinions? What's the most versatile?
  16. audiokid

    Stereo Mic Bar

    What do you recommend for stereo mic bars? I'm adding these to my tool box. [=""]K&M 23510 Adjustable Stereo Microphone Bar?[/] [=""]Shure A27M Stereo Microphone Adapter?[/]...
  17. J

    I need the poor man's Waves Stereo enhancer- Any ideas?

    My mix sounds good, but is a bit wide. Yes, I could fiddle and pull each track more towards the center, but I understand there are plug ins like the S1 that can pull the mix to the center, i.e., folding everything in proportion, right down to mono if need be. I need a plug in like this, but on a...
  18. jarjarbinks

    Reason 5 and Cubase 5: No Stereo Rewire channels?

    Im having problems with Cubase 5. Just bought it and I have some reason 5 projects I want to import. The problem is, Cubase doesnt have rewire stereo channels.... Or does it? Can anyone tell me how to set up stereo rewire channels from reason into cubase 5? Thank you!!
  19. U

    XY stereo mic alignment

    Hi there, I have got a doubt about phase in a XY stereo configuration. I've always heard that it's a very mono compatible configuration. But a technician here in my city always says that we should avoid this configuration, because if the two micros are not exactly matched (And by that he...
  20. U

    vintage stereo reciever ------------> preamp possible?

    grandfather recently died and i ended up with some old school top of the line home audio gear. really stoked about a sweet sounding pair of b&w speakers, a 50lb. yamaha turntable and mostly about a "mac 1900" stereo receiver. haven't had much chance to look into the specs on the 1900 but...