1. D

    Studer A807 eprom dead

    Does any one have Bin likes for Studer A807 mk 1, current version installed was 40/87, but can change to later version if available. D
  2. DonnyThompson

    Diggin' out the Studer

    I dug my B77 half track out of the closet this morning. All is well. I spun an old 2 track master on it this afternoon and to my ears, everything sounded fine, although I might give her a going over for bias and alignment this weekend, just to be sure. (what I found funny and was pleased with...
  3. D

    Studer A800 plugin

    anyone rated the Studer A800 tape machine PLUG IN from universal audio? i know it more than likely never sounds like the real thing...but at least a rating? thanks.
  4. BobRogers

    First impressions of UAD-2 Studer A800

    I spent the morning playing with the demo of the [=""]UAD-2 Studer A800 plugin[/]. For those who don't know, UAD-2 plugings require you to purchase a UAD-2 card to run them. They use the DSP power on the...
  5. D

    Schoeps/Studer SKM-5

    Hi! Anybody knows the quality of these amps? Are they real Schoeps CMC 5? Thanks!
  6. J

    Noise reduction for my Studer A807?

    Hello everyone, I just have an used (but in good shape) Studer A807. Today I have recorded some music to test it and I was very surprised to hear how good and different the sound was! I did an CD audio extract of a song in Sounforge, then recorded the same track into the Studer through...
  7. L

    Studer A807 1/4" reel to reel

    I have a Studer A807 and I need to replace the pinch roller because the old one just "melted" and thick sticky rubber ran down the front of the machine whilst it was in storage. Can anyone explain this? I haven't put chemicals on it and its just a mystery to me. Thanks Lozz
  8. H

    Tascam DV-RA1000 V.S studer D730 V.S EMT 986 V.S sony 3100

    Tascam DV-RA1000 V.S studer D730 V.S EMT 986 V.S sony 3100/D500 V.S Denon DN951-FA V.S marantz PMD 340 Which one is better for playback CD in term of produce accurate,musical and lively sound?
  9. A

    neumann m150 / studer a827

    assuming that everything in one's studio kicks ass, good digital platformwith conversion, good microphones, instruments/amps, dynamic processing, preamps. what do you think will influence the overall sound more, an m150 (which i'm realizing would probably only be used as ambience micing and...
  10. J

    what about the Studer 928? any reviews?

    Hello, I'm about to buy this Studer 928. The price is aroud 13500$. At this price, I will have only one chance and don't want to do wrong. So I'm still looking for the top quality mixer and this one seems very good to me...
  11. Q

    Studer B67

    A long shot, i know...but ive just bought a really cheap Studer B67, and i've managed to find the manual online (and not have to pay £40 on ebay for it!!) but it only covers info about the basic machine, and not the remote seems to have one the back, and on the front. The front...
  12. Z

    Studer parts?

    Hello, I am looking for the following part: 1/4"-1/2", 15-30ips capstan moter for the Studer A80 Preview Deck. After 6 fustrating months of trying, I have given up on our North American supplier. Can anyone offer a contact (possibley in Switzerland), from which we may get this moter...
  13. G

    Studer A 820 1/4 inch 2-track manual

    We are looking for the manual for the Studer A 820 1/4 inch 2-track to do the alingment. If anyon has that info, please let me know.
  14. U

    Studer A800 2" 24 track!

    I just bought a Studer A800 2" 24 track machine that I have to go pick up in a month! Please anybody tell me anything I should know about this machine, and what your thoughts on it are! Thanks! Aaron
  15. T

    Studer 169

    I'm considering buy'in a Studer 169, What do you know about this mixing desk ? How does it sound ? When was it made and from what components is it made ? What would you recomend it for and what should i avoid doin' with it ?
  16. S


    I'm tracking most of my overdubs through an Avalon 737 direct to a Tascam DA-38 digital multitrack. I'm extremely pleased with the sound of the Avalon on nearly everything, but the DA-38 sounds "harsh" to my ears, like almost "too clean". I also mixdown through an 8000 digital console. Although...
  17. J

    Studer connection box #151

    Hello, Does anyone have any idea where I can find a the Studer 1.960.151 connection box-CR monitor? It goes with the 962 mixing console. I've wired a temporary box but would love to locate an original box. Thanks, Julius
  18. J

    Difference between the Revox PR99 and the Studer A807

    Does anyone of U used the Revox PR99 and Studer A807 . for mastering ... and Can U tell the difference...... Thanx
  19. Y

    Studer D820x 1/4" 2-Track DASH

    Anyone knows this machine? I might have a chance to buy it cheap and I'm wondering what it's good for. In 1989 it was considered one of the best mastering decks but I don't know much about features and sound quality compared to what's available today.
  20. anonymous

    Studer B67

    Hi, I have a chance of getting a Studer B67 dirt cheap. I've heard pretty nice comments on it but I'd appreciate more. :) Thanks, Jaakko