1. A

    Death Cab - Virtual Reality Studio Video

    I subscribe to some channels on YouTube and KCRW broadcast studio posted this video a little while ago. I think the effect is possible with most web browsers(Firefox), not Safari though. If you mouse-click on the video, you can control the video camera view from Death Cab For Cutie's session for...
  2. audiokid

    Tama - Iron Works Studio, mic stands

    Shout out to Tama as they are supporting RO now. Looking through their hardware line-up called Iron Works, I see solid looking stands we might be interested in. I never seem to have enough stands, these look well made and well suited for tight spots. If anyone gets a chance to use this stuff...
  3. Sean G

    Studio One Version 3.2 Update Available Now

    The much-anticipated Studio One 3.2 update is here with over 50 new added features including Mix FX and The Console Shaper The new "Smarter" Arrow Tool VCA Faders The new comping workflows Editing enhancements The link below has a half-hour video that takes you through the features listed...
  4. kmetal

    How Much Does A Recording Studio Cost (to build) ?

    This is a popular question. I've been in some preliminary talks with a potential new client for a design and supervisory role on a new home studio build in my area. The obvious question is how much, the reply, well..... It depends. So many variables exist in studio construction it's very...
  5. N

    Static problem!

    Hey Guys, If there's anybody out there who can give advice on this issue.. Oh how welcome that would be, as it's driving me nuts! A few months ago I noticed a faint static noise appearing in my recording - my set-up Neumann TLM49, Avalon 737sp, Symphony I/O, iMac El Capitan - ... The issue has...
  6. Sean G

    Searching For Studio One Pro 3 Silicone Keyboard Editor Overlay For Apple Numeric Keyboard

    I have an Apple keyboard with numeric pad (see image below) and I'm searching for a Studio One Pro 3 silicone editor overlay to suit. It seems everywhere I look on the web there seems to be the Studio One overlay for Macbook and Imac, but not for this apple keyboard which I'm sure is the most...
  7. Sean G

    Recording Studio - Laughs

    A woman is on trial for beating her husband to death with his guitar collection.... The judge asks "First offender?...." She replies "No your honour, first a Gibson, then a Fender...."
  8. J

    problems with MTC in Magix Studio 2 w/Samplitude 2014

    Hi all,new here so go easy on me....I'm running Music Studio 2 w/Samplitude 2014 in conjunction with a Tascam 2488 Digital Porta studio with the tascam as master.The problem is when I start the tascam,Studio 2 doesn't start.It shows that it's getting sync signal and all appropriate boxes are...
  9. audiokid

    PreSonus Unveils Studio 192 Mobile Audio Interface/Studio Command Center

    PreSonus Unveils Studio 192 Mobile Audio Interface/Studio Command Center Baton Rouge, Louisiana, January 2016… PreSonus is proud to announce the new PreSonus® Studio 192 Mobile USB 3.0 22 x 26 audio interface and studio command center. Studio 192 Mobile delivers the same high-end audio...
  10. DonnyThompson

    Goldstar Studios - How Records Used To Be Made

    This is a cool video that probably only engineers, producers and musicians would find interesting, as it acts as a sort of "fly on the wall" as to how records were once made... A room full of musicians, engineers sitting at a console (likely a tube model in those days), with AE's placing mics...
  11. David Dwyer

    Presonus Firestudio 2626 asymmetrical clipping distortion positive side -6dbfs, bad units on Ebay

    I wanted to find out if anyone has had a simiar problem with Presonus Firestudio 2626 asymmetrical clipping distortion issues. The positive side only of recorded waveforms clip at -6dbfs on some channels as can be seen and verified in my DAW(Sonar). I have two of these Firestudio 2626 units and...
  12. audiokid

    Studio legend Carol Kaye gives Gene Simmons a lesson on bass

    This is awesome.
  13. Sean G

    PRESONUS STUDIO ONE: How to replace drums with no third party plugins

    I found this tutorial showing how to replace drums in SO without third party plug-ins... -It uses SO2 but the same applies to SO3
  14. audiokid

    The Beatles - Yesterday (Rare studio acoustic)

    Today people would be using autotune on Paul. There is obvious pitch issues here but its also part of Paul's sound, as is with all singers. imho, its the song and performance that makes a song, not autotune Also, the room sounds pretty bad to me in comparison to what I would want today. Its...
  15. K

    Studio Monitors - A Few Questions

    Hello & I hope everybody's had a wonderful Thanksgiving! As usual, my life always finds ways to keep me so busy that I unfortunately neglect music & recording, however I am starting to change that, which brings me to my next few questions: - Should my studio monitors be identical? - When both...
  16. M

    Quran Recording

    I'm looking to buy a mic. I'm only going to be using it to record "Quran" (I've attached a sample if you don't know what that is) I want a very good sounding mic, but don't need "the most professional, best studio mic ever" since I'm only using it for that one specific thing. i rather not spend...
  17. Sean G

    Recreating Bird: Returning to Detroit’s Legendary “United Sound Systems” Recording Studio
  18. K

    Why does my studio setup keep electricuting me?

    So I've been trying to setup a studio in my new two story house. My upstairs is a large one room, loft like area that I want to use as my control room. There is a small door upstairs that leads to a uninsulated attic like storage space. In that space I drilled a doorknob sized hole in the floor...
  19. W

    Building a Studio from Scratch in Backyard: Need advice

    Hello All, I am new to the forums so hi! I have been doing my own research on building soundproofed and acoustically treated rooms, but I just want to confirm what people are telling me. In addition, I have never built a room myself before and was wondering if I could have some advice from...
  20. Sean G

    Studio Acoustic Treatment & Design w/ Hanson Hsu - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro