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    Sub-mixers help

    I just got into recording and I'm looking to buy a mixer. I have a few questions. I'm using Pro-Tools and have a M-Box2 2-channel inut sound compressor. I'm looking to expand on the number of input channels. I do not need anymore than 16 channels. Is there any particular compatability issues...
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    Sub Mixing

    If I were to use another Console for a sub mixer ,To hook it up to the main console ,would it be as easy as going out the master bus of the sub mixer to 2 channels line input on the main console?
  3. M

    Submixing with Delta Omni and Behringer?

    Since the Omni can't handle all my Input needs I have decided to purchase a Behringer UB 1202 mixer. I first thought I would just use the Behringer to handle the extra modules I had. But now I wonder if it would be better to plug all my instruments and Mic into the Behringer then go OUT of the...
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    I'm a little confused on the best ways to use sub-mixes in PARIS.Is this mainly to get more virtual tracks once the first 16 are full?Please give me a step by step example... thanks, tonehouse
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    Sub-Mixing Drums

    Can I run this by you: I assemble my drum tracks in acid (from loops and samples ect..) and save them as seperate .wav files, open them up in Samplitude. create a stereo sub-mix for drums only. Send each track ( kick, snare ect..) pre-fader to the sub-mix setting the levels with my Aux Bus...
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    Bounce to disc and/or submixing to disc

    Hi!! Can I do this internally or I need to do it externally?? what I mean is can I free up some tracks by mixing them, applying effects and recording them to a new and "free" track internally?? Cheers