1. komencanto

    Suggestions for treating this room?

    I was wondering if anyone could offer advice to treat this room to record spoken dialogue: I'm hoping to record people at the table. The room is roughly 23'x23' with a 98" ceiling. The floor is fake wood laminate. There is a popcorn ceiling. Where the walls...
  2. M

    Folk/Rock Song "Better" suggestions for mix improvement

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and relatively new to mixing with Reaper ITB. I'm looking for feedback on the mix. Happy to answer any questions, also. It was tracked by me and a friend of mine (he plays drums, bass and acoustic guitar panned right) at our respective home studios. The...
  3. Westboro Madness

    Seeking Suggestions on our EP

    Hey everyone! We are new to and are seeking advice about our music. We take any criticism on our music but please do bare in mind that this is our first real attempt at live recording and our room set up is still in the works. Below is the link to our Soundcloud page. Thanks for...
  4. Larry Allen

    Mixing suggestions - Out Of The Blue

    Hello recordists! This is my first post, I appreciate having a place to get objective advice about audio. This song was written by the singer. I arranged and recorded everything, now I'm ready for the brutal honesty part of the process. Thanks for listening. Larry
  5. audiokid

    RO website appearance suggestions

    Hey, I've been working to improve the clarity of the fonts and colour for better balance between all browser's, including smart phones. How does the forum look on your browser? Do you like the colours? What suggestions do you have? Thanks.
  6. DogsoverLava

    Suggestions on where I might take this from here ?

    This piece is evolving but what really excited me about it was that both guitars are live tracked single takes close mic'd w/ my SM57 on my Boogie into my M-Audio Profire 610. I got lucky I think with mic position here and got what I thought was a usable sound without too much fiddling. Also...
  7. S

    Budget Home Recording Rig, Suggestions

    Im going to be setting up a home recording rig in a month or so but I need to know EXACTLY what i all need so i can buy it all in one trip and set it up, plug it in and go! There are a few problems. 1.) Im a professional drummer and a complete newbie at recording/mixing. 2.) Not sure what I all...
  8. DonnyThompson

    Need suggestions for dated console

    Hi all.. So I have a Yamaha 02R digital desk that is returning to me today; I've been letting my brother use it for his small home studio/rehearsal space for his band - which is a Steely Dan Tribute act - not that it matters... Anyway, my brother is moving into a smaller apartment, so this...
  9. vaibhav dewangan

    room acoustic microphone suggestions

    can i use my samson cO1 condenser mic for room treatment measurement? please suggest...
  10. vaibhav dewangan

    Any suggestion for "KRK Rokit 8 RP8G3 Powered Studio Monitor", i am going to purchase this.

    hello frns, i am going to buy this monitor, i am going to use this monitor for mixing and mastering. i know i am new to this mixing n master, its not every one's cup of tea, but i wanna make my few decent composition... well, i have a separate room of size10*12ft having two sofa set, wall is not...
  11. L

    Heres my particulars, any suggestions?

    I am a musician establishing a home recording system to record my music with as much fidelity as my limited funds can muster. My needs are rather specific and I was hoping that, if given that information, those with way more experience in audio engineering than I have might help me to make some...
  12. audiokid

    Forum Style Suggestions

    I want to add a few different styles for us. Maybe 3. This one, a dark one and a different one. Oh, and a special one just for the festive season.:) NOTE: We are using XenForo so if you find a theme (style/skin) one that you particularly like, let us know by posting a link to it. If enough...
  13. B

    Gear suggestion...

    I having been recording guitar with two sm57's through an audiobox 22vsl with audacity. For voice I have been using a Rode NT1-A. I have around 600 dollars to spend, and am interesting in simply increasing the sound quality and clarity of my recordings, especially for voice. I was thinking...
  14. A

    Need suggestions for monitor speakers

    Currently, I'm using the Propellerhead Balance with my brother's headphones (Sennhiser HD 518, really nice). I've been thinking about getting some proper speakers for under $1500. I produce bass-heavy music, so smaller speakers are a no-no. Also, they need to support multiple voltage...
  15. T

    About to return the Blue Yeti. Need suggestions for settings (or alternate mic)

    Hi all. I am really new to the world of microphones and I'm overwhelmed after reading for a few hours. I need a microphone to simply sit on my desk and record spoken voice. I also need a zero latency headphone monitor jack on the mic. Ideally this will be a mic in the $100ish price range and...
  16. U

    Suggestions for setup?

    I'm looking to make some decent home recordings. I realize I'm not going to get pristine recordings with my current situation but would just like some tips if at all possible. What I have so far is an Apogee One, Macbook Pro with Logic Pro and am about to purchase the Blue Bluebird Microphone...
  17. T

    Doing a Live Recording, Need Suggestions On Drum Mics

    So, Im doing a small live recording in a couple weeks. When I say small, it'll be just drums, keyboards, guitar, bass, and sax. For drums, I have and AKG D112, Shure Beta 57 and Shure 57, Shure SM81, and a BeyerDynamics M 201 TG. The Drum Kit I will be recording will have a kick, snare, hi -hat...
  18. T

    Just joined, what a great website! Novice mixer looking for suggestions on mix.

    Recorded with all musicians and instruments in the same room and live scratch vox track. Looking for constructive criticism, any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks, Tom Rastikis
  19. A

    First DAW build - looking for advice/suggestions

    First off, I would like to say hello to everyone. I play guitar and keyboard. I compose all kinds of music in my head and by tapping my fingers on a daily basis. I have lots of it memorized, and the ideas just keep coming. The problem is, I have little experience playing what I write. Also...
  20. A

    Recording Help/Suggestions :) Please and Thank You!

    Hello! Thank you for reading. :) I'm sorry if this question is similar to other questions asked, but I couldn't find an answer that worked exactly for me. So, I am very bad at basically everything to do with recording, it seems. I am trying to record some of my songs, which are typically vocals...