summing mixer

  1. A

    Sound card to summing mixer mixup????

    Hey guys, my friend has an 8x8 soundcard (8 ins / 8 outs) apogee symphony. I plan to buy a NEV-8816 summing mixer. The summing mixer has more 8 more inputs than the soundcard. Is it possible to use all 16 channels when doing analog processing even if my friends sound card only has 8 inputs...
  2. Kurt Foster

    ITB vs. passive summing OTB

    pluses and minuses? i pretty much get what's good about itb, .... but what are the drawbacks of passive summing networks ... ? why is passive summing not a good thing? and while i'm asking, when doing itb are you printing back into the same machine or are you doing a d/a - a/d to another...
  3. G

    Hybrid setup, summing mixer questions

    Hello everyone. I'm ready to start expanding beyond "in the box" (ITB) methods to "outside the box" (OTB) methods. I realize that summing mixer threads are everywhere and that there are many of them. I've read many of them. My hope is that this thread will serve as a repository of useful...
  4. L

    DAW to Summing mixer... Worth it or not ?

    Im curious if any of you use a summing mixer from your DAW + UAD/TC plugs . And if so.. any comments towards a better "warm sound" in the mix ? Im in the process of updating my converters Apogee Rosetta 800 and was wondering if items such as Tube Tech SSA 2A or Dangerous Music products...