1. paulears

    Expensive synths with poor mono compatibility

    Most stereo synths, samplers and keyboard and rack module versions seem to have a inherent problem. The have left and right outputs, and usually the left functions fine as a mono output if the right socket is left empty - however, if you take a stereo feed to your recording or PA system, and...
  2. kmetal

    A&H Zed 14 for summing mixer.

    Hey all, After tons of planning and meetings I've got my new setup pretty well defined both for the immediate and long term. I'm interested in an economical way to experiment w summing. The setup will be RME babyface pro for main tracking/monitoring adda, and capture ad, and the focusrite...
  3. audiokid

    hybrid - mixing, summing, mastering

    Are you interested in hybrid audio. Here is a look into what hybrid mixing, summing and mastering is all about: This is my most recent hybrid build with some added videos from a few guys explaining the process a bit more. Being able to include hardware is nothing short of a thrill but I also...
  4. Press

    Dangerous Music “2-BUS+” Analog Summing

    Press submitted a new resource: [=""]Dangerous Music “2-BUS+” Analog Summing[/] - Dangerous Music,2-BUS+, Analog Summing,hybrid audio...
  5. kendo radnaksi

    summing post channel strips

    Hi everybody..i m about to try otb summing as i ve been reading all the post here for months..finally i ll try to give a shot but in a different ways..for a start i ve minimal cheapo equipments but some vintage unused at the corner with dust..logic pro submix no plugin ch strips except cla...
  6. audiokid

    Passive summing box, OTB vs ITB

    What do you think of the changes between ITB and OTB, and the demonstration? Do you think this is a the best way to allow us to hear an A/B ?
  7. Kurt Foster

    ITB vs. passive summing OTB

    pluses and minuses? i pretty much get what's good about itb, .... but what are the drawbacks of passive summing networks ... ? why is passive summing not a good thing? and while i'm asking, when doing itb are you printing back into the same machine or are you doing a d/a - a/d to another...
  8. Tommy osuna

    Analog Summing Boxes ?

    There's obviously a lot to talk about I don't have one currently I've used the inward connections and what I found was the same mix had more dimension and what seemed to be fatter tracks Is it the box itself ? Is it the fact that there all summed together ? What I heard and I'm not sure if...
  9. audiokid

    Antelope Satori Monitor Controller & Summing

    Video Mastering-grade transparency Satori provides a monitoring solution that maintains the sound coming from the source, especially when the D/A is handled by the clear and natural-sounding Antelope family of converters. Antelope Audio's extensive background in designing pristine analog...
  10. audiokid

    Hybrid summing > DA pre AD ?

    A new summing experiment. Can I: DA > pre-amp (Millennia M-2b yummy) AD mixdown to my capture DAW. (Prism Atlas line in). Can I cook anything trying this?
  11. MadMax

    Ultimate Summing Box

    After a LOT of digging, head scratching and cussin', I think I'm close to picking the ultimate in analog summing boxes. First off, lemme state that I tend to track a LOT of live music... mostly full bands and some of those are multitrack with capturing the rhythm section. Then going back and...
  12. A

    Thoughts on Neve 55 series Braodcast console for tracking and summing.

    I'm looking at a 42 channel Neve for my studio,price is very reasonable for a Neve.I realize this console is designed for broadcast.Having no automation means it's crippled in a mixdown situation,but is there a possibility of adding Necam,or Flying faders?Hows the mix bus?How do the pres and EQs...
  13. autocombustione

    patchbay, mixer vs summing mixer

    I have three related questions for you. I was uncertain whether ask for your help or not and eventually decided for this second option, I hope you'll help me focus on relevant facts. The centre of my production system, with which i used to do soundtrack's songwriting and mixing with a...
  14. audiokid

    Adding a passive summing box to a MixDream

    Brain wave just started and I haven't even thought through it much so here's to thinking out loud: I'm electrically DIY challenged so any one here able to tell me the best way I could incorporate or Mod a passive summing box like this [=""]Unit Audio - Unit Audio Home[/]...
  15. S

    Sofiteque PB8R & PB8T Passive Summing Mixers

    The PB8 series are 8×2 Passive summing Mixers utilizing the highest quality components in a cost effective package. Used in conjunction with a quality mic pre, the unit will yield warm and open mixes. All units are hand soldered on a double sided pcb, assembled and tested in the U.S. Machined...
  16. Q

    Unit Audio Announces the “New Unit” 16 x 2 Analog Summing Mixer

    Unit Audio Announces the “New Unit” 16 x 2 Analog Summing Mixer Nashville, Tenn. – Unit Audio now offers the New Unit 16 x 2 analog summing mixer. The New Unit features 16 channels of actual physical Analog Summing for less than $300.00. That’s less than the cost of plug-ins...
  17. Q

    Unit Audio, Physical Analog Summing 16 x 2 for $299.00, 8 x 2 for under $150.00

    Unit Audio Announces the “New Unit” 16 x 2 Analog Summing Mixer[/SIZE] Nashville, Tenn. – Unit Audio now offers the New Unit 16 x 2 analog summing mixer.[/B] The New Unit features 16 channels of actual physical Analog Summing for less than $300.00. That’s less than the cost of plug-ins...
  18. audiokid

    MixDream Direct Out summing options

    I'm very happy with what I have going but over the weekend I was searching around for ideas on how users might utilize the Direct Outs of a MixDream to further expand its abilities. I got wondering if I could add a Folcrom to the Direct Outs, do some mojo there with a nice pre and return back...
  19. G

    Hybrid setup, summing mixer questions

    Hello everyone. I'm ready to start expanding beyond "in the box" (ITB) methods to "outside the box" (OTB) methods. I realize that summing mixer threads are everywhere and that there are many of them. I've read many of them. My hope is that this thread will serve as a repository of useful...
  20. I

    Black Lion PM8 summing mixer with Lynx Two A

    hey guys, i just bought a BLA PM8 to use with my 4 in / out lynx card and have a few questions in regards to how I set it up. Given that I have always worked inside the box I never had any experience with consoles. Would I connect the BLA PM8 only when I am exporting my mix? Would I benefit...