summit audio

  1. Vitalie Andries

    Summit Audio MPC-100A vs Vintech X73i

    Hi all, I want some advice on the pre-amp. Neumann Microphone u87ai + Summit Audio MPC-100A or Neumann Microphone u87ai + Vintech X73i How do you think that version is better? ... We have possibility to acquire Summit Audio MPC-100A at a good price ... Initially I wanted to buy Vintech X73i ...
  2. S

    summit audio ecs-410

    hi,does anyone have any experience with this unit. thanks
  3. A

    Summit Audio 2BA-221 OR Groove Tubes Brick

    Hi, As I've said I'm in the market for a preamp. I'm kind of in between on these two pre's at the moment. Anyone have any opinions, experience or preferences with them?
  4. M

    Summit Audio 2BA-221 vs. Groove Tubes The Brick

    Another one of those silly "what's best" posts... My current recording rig is described in this post: {old-link-removed} (nevermind the long desired equipament list) Seems that, thanks to some new project I've started working on, I'll be able to get my hands on some cash, and I would...
  5. A

    summit audio tpa-200b vs. pendulum mdp-1

    i notice the difference in the tube complement, anyone experience this difference audibly?
  6. Q

    Summit Audio TD-100 vs Avalon U5, +EQ

    Hi, I like the Avalon U5 for bass and guitar DI. I really like the smaller size of the Summit Audio TD-100 , but I haven't tried one yet. I've heard the TD-100 has similar good qualities to the U5, but is slightly warmer. what do you think? Also, for some tone shaping, it seems...
  7. O

    SUMMIT AUDIO TLA100A schematic?

    Hi, I have a TLA 100A in my workshop which needs repairing. It's blowing the main fuse about 3 seconds after switching on (probably a power supply or blown capacitor problem) but I have no schematic for it. Does anyone have a schematic for this unit that they could let me have a copy of...
  8. D

    Summit Audio 2BA-221

    I have seen that the Summit 2BA-221 has been recomended to a couple of people on RO. I'm looking for a good pre for vocals, acoustic instruments, etc. I guess to be my one better, go to preamp for my home recording setup. Has anyone actually had any experience with this unit? I would like to...
  9. M

    Summit Audio or Joemeek?

    Summit Audio MPC-100A or Joemeek VC1Q. I need a good pre-amp for all recording situations and I have these two options. The Joemeek is a brand new one and the Summit Audio is used but in very good conditions. Wich one is the better option? Help me , please!!
  10. T

    More about Summit MPC 100 A

    Would you know to tell me if the compressor is electro-optical ?? Somebody have experience with this combo ?? Thanx,
  11. F

    thoughts on summit audio 2ba-221

    I own a MOTU 896, and was looking for a pre with a bit of character. Singled out the summit as it has a DI input which can be output separately to the mic output.
  12. M

    Comments on Summit Audio 2BA-221 pre amp?

    Hi, a guy at a shop has recommended the above pre amp to pair with my Rode Classic II mic, for mainly vocal recordings, but also as an addition to my studio - any comments? Micky.
  13. P

    Summit Audio 2BA-221 Mic & Line Module

    Does anyone have any hands on experience with this new Mic Pre. I have been very impressed by the RNP and was just about to buy one when I was offered this Summit Audio unit for the same price($475). The two are apples to oranges but both sound very intriguing. The Summit is only a single...
  14. C

    Summit Audio TLA 100?

    Hi, I love compressors. I already have too many but was wondering if anyone has tried the TLA 100, anyone ever compared it to the LA2a?
  15. L

    summit mpc100a

    hy guys, just bought a used summit audio mpc100a mic/line/di preamp with integrated compressor. wonderfull machine. the thing is, i couldn't get a manual with it. now, the thing is, i'd like to get some info on certain points without having to get all the measuring equipmnet out of the closet...