1. rjuly

    Gig Rig Pro 14 guitar effects switcher - £450 - UK or Europe only (London pick-up)

    - Currently retails for £945.00 with a 12 week waiting period. - Lightly used, perfect working condition. - includes 'Generator' 5A power supply - retails for £99.00 - I will throw in a collection of George L cables and connectors (well over £100 to purchase) - Money back guarantee (but you pay...
  2. X

    ABY switcher for monitors

    Hey guys its me again. I need a simple solution for switching between monitors instead of having to spend 2-300$ I was thinking about throwing an ABY switcher in line between both monitors. Any ideas on this. Would there be any technical interference by doing this. Or is there any other DIY ways...
  3. R

    Studio Monitor Switcher

    Hi, Good Day! I bought a presonus Firepod 2 years ago and it's good and serve me good till now. Now, i'm actually looking for a Studio Monitor Switcher for audition/comparison when Mixing. Mean,i got 2 pair of studio monitor.And Firepod only provide an output (left and right) so i...
  4. R

    Monitor controller/switcher options

    Hi- So I'm looking at upgrading my central control unit from a Beri mixer, and am looking for some advice.... The Central station is pretty close to what i want, but doesn't have enough analog inputs, has other bells and whistles that i don't need, etc. the coleman M3PH MKII is pretty...
  5. C

    Monitor switcher; unbalanced to balanced.. Kev?

    Kev, this may be one for you.. you seem like an electronicsy type guy. I'm building a monitor switch so a can choose between input from a CD player or DAW, and output to either Monitors (powered) or headphone amp... Problem is, the CD player I want to use has RCA outs, henced unbalanced...
  6. S

    A/B Switcher: Presonus, Mackie?

    I am looking for an A/B switcher that will allow me to use various sources and monitors. Two of the units that are in my price range are the Presonus Central Station and the Mackie Big Knob. It would be great to hear some opinions on these units. Here are some of my concerns and maybe you guys...