1. pcrecord

    Anyone still use Sytek preamps ?

    Hi ! I've been in the market of a 4 preamps unit and been looking for ISA428 or Daking or something similar. Thing is my budget is limited (like everyone says) and I've came by the Sytek which is well priced and got good reviews. The problem is, I can't have any reviews or discussion about them...
  2. ChrisH

    D.A.V. vs Shinybox vs Sytek Preamps vs Focusrite ISA

    Hello, looking for some opinions on the character "character" comparison between the D.A.V. Broadhurst Gardens No.2, Shinybox Si4, and Sytek MPX-4? What one do you recommend? Will be used mainly for "rock" in conjunction with Daking pre's. Besides the Focusrite ISA pre's, they are all...
  3. took-the-red-pill

    BLA Auteur VS. Sytek MPX4 VS. DAV-BG-1 preamps

    Hi guys, Hesitant to ask yet another preamp question for those who are sick of them... I'm not a gear junkie, but I don't want to be limited by my gear either. I'm looking at these preamps because I'm hearing/reading good things about them. And in fact, in the case of the Auteur by Black Lion...
  4. G

    Preamp Advice SCA n72 vs. Sebatron vs. ISA 428 vs. Sytek

    Hey, I don't really post much, but I've been floating around for a while.. Anyway, I play in a reggae influenced band outta buffalo, NY. I've been doing the band's latest recordings in our home studio, (Mackie Board, MOTU A/D Converter, Soundcraft Compact 4, various mics, etc....) I need...
  5. W

    Sytek MPX4Aii. Waste of money?

    I am looking to buy some transparent mic pres and am considering the Sytek. I've read that Aerosmith (big deal) and the Seattle, Chicago and somewhere else orchestras bought them. Would I be better off saving for something like a millennia 2-channel? Keep in mind that the Sytek is 4 months...
  6. N

    WTB: im looking for a sytek mpx 4a

    if anyone has any of the following items for sale or know one who does or where i can find some then please email me and let me know. needlesstotry @ hotmail dot com. you know the drill looking for: sytek mpx4a racked or unracked channel strips or pre sections from auditronics, api, osa...
  7. D

    Has anyone ever heard of Sytek (MPx-4Aii)

    Hi, I am in the market for some ultra clean/transparent mic pres. I currently own enough high end 'colored' mic pres and have been doing some research on some 'transparent' channels. The usual list of course applies i.e. Grace, John Hardy, Millennia, GML etc... I recently came across a brand...
  8. A

    Sytek 4 Channel preamp opnions needed.

    What do people think of the Sytek MPX-4Aii ? What design does it use? And is it in a league above small console pre's? Would it considerably improve my sound if I was currently using the latter?
  9. I

    has anyone here used the sytek mpt-1?

    I'm just curious. I have the mpx-4aii and love it, and know there are a lot of users. But I don't know anyone to use the mpt-1. I'm not looking to buy, I'm just curious. I would love to demo one someday. thanks, -eric.
  10. H

    RNP, Sytek, SP 828 vs "The Brick"

    I was doing a recording session last week and was recording drums. I ran out of mics for the drum kit so one of the guys brought a SM58 with him. We used the sm 58 Hanging right over the Ride cymbal, about 2 inches up and away from the bell. I ran that thru the RNP preamp and I was...
  11. S

    sytek mp4a vs Studio projects sp828?

    Anyone feel like comparing the sound of the 2? Just sold my Focusrite Octopre to fund a new RME fireface and Samplitude software. But now I need some pres. I was thinking of grabbing the Sytek 4 channel pre w/ the Burr brown option. Sytek has 2 flavors of pre, 4 total. Studio Projects, 8...
  12. J

    Pads for Syteks

    Hello all. Just purchased the Sytek MPX-4Aii mic pres, and will apparently need to pad down the signal in order to run the pres "hot" to my DAW. Any ideas about the most cost-effective way to achieve this? I have a Mackie 1202-- will this work? I suppose I could run two channels through...
  13. T

    Another Sytek question.........

    Ok guys....I've searched Sytek in this site, read all of the posts, and I still have some questions. To start, I can't afford a 4 channel Sebatron nor do I see it happening any time soon. I need 4 nice channels and it just so happens my tax return will pay for a 4 channel Sytek. What...
  14. K

    Sytek MPX-4Aii pre - good enough?

    I'm looking to buy a preamp, gonna use it for recording electric/acoustic guitars, bass and some vocals. I've seen quite a few people recommend it and I was wondering, for $900 (which can be bought on ebay), is there a better preamp? I'm interested in getting the best sound quality possible...
  15. maintiger

    Sytek MPT1 tube preamp

    Just curious- anyone tried one? Retail about 1K for one channel :D
  16. maintiger

    Sebatron and Sytek

    Hi all and happy holidays! Anyone has done a comparison between a 4ch Sytek MPX- 4Aii and a 4ch Sebatron vmp 4000e?- maintiger :cool:
  17. tripnek

    Sytek -vs- Sebatron

    I can buy a Four channel Sytek or a two Channel Sebatron for around the same price. Obviosly these are two different animals with different flavors. And I alredy have one Sytek. But my question is: In your opinion, is the added versitility and the difference in quality from the Sytek to the...
  18. R

    Sytek mic pre

    I've seen a couple of posts on this forum from people who like the four channel Sytek mic pre, but not much else about it anywhere else. The couple of people that did post short messages about it have not responded to my efforts to get more info on them - so I'll ask the larger group. Has...
  19. S

    Sytek Headroom

    I tracked a college rock band this past weekend and I grew a bit fustrated with the limited headroom on my Sytek mic pre's. I used them on a SRW bass cabinet/RE-20, a fender amp/M-88, snare/57, and kick/TLM-103. I had to move the kick to a different mic pre because it would overload with...
  20. T

    Sytek quad mic pres?

    Any experience with these? Looking for something for straight-up acoustic recordings... Ted