1. J

    The future of analog tape

    This topic is inspired by the various rumors (are they true? Anybody know?) that Quantegy tape is no more. So...who here uses analog tape? Why, or why not? Do you use it for tracking...or mixing...or both? Which make and formula do you prefer? Let's hear it for the sound and smell of analog...
  2. J

    Calibrating a tape deck?

    Hey all! I finally decided to put the Rec/Repro cards back in the little Fostex 1/4" 8-track. Before anyone yells at me, it was free, m'kay! Anyway, I need to calibrate the deck, but I'm not quite sure which trim pot I should start with. I've got my 1kHz tone on tape from another deck that...
  3. A

    Compressing to tape

    I wasn't sure where to put this question, so I'll ask here. If I'm working on a project that I know I'm going to mix, I'll compress to tape when I think I need to. Here's my question: I have a project coming up that I'm not going to mix. Whats the usual protocol or etiquette when your not...
  4. C

    2 inch tape questions

    I attend a recording school, and recieved a reel of 2 inch to record a project on. Judging by the amount of labels on the box, I could tell that I was the fourth person to use this reel. God only knows how many times it has been recorded on. When I was mixing down my project I noticed a...
  5. L

    MixfestTape donation

    Hey folks and Mixerman. Tony (posting as Drumsound) has generously donated a roll of two inch for our little fest and has carried the can on shipping it to Mark Owen. It would be nice if he could 1: get it back when we are done and, 2: not have to pay twice for the shipping. So can I suggest...
  6. J

    Tape Emulation vs Tape

    I bought a Pro Tools system after working 15 years with a board and tape machine. As mixerman has said, Pro Tools proved to be a sonic compromise for me, so I have partnered up with a fellow and now we got the rig hooked to a Neotek Elite and some good outboard with Apogee D/A. Now we are...
  7. anonymous

    Audio tape

    So I spent the day going through my closet in the spare bedroom (tape vault, hehe). I came across a reel of fresh 2 inch tape, its made by a company called Zonal? has anyone heard of the manufacture? its type is 999 (assuming +9 tape) no idea what it sounds like... even worst...I have no damn...
  8. B

    Emtec tape?

    has anyone here heard of Emtec Reel tape? Is it new? is it good?
  9. B

    used tape machines

    anyone know of a good place to find a lot of used tape machines at reasonable prices?
  10. B

    Question about analog tape formulas

    Hi anyone remember this stuff :) anyway, I know of someone who has a ton of Ampex 765 (i think its 765-anyway its close) this is 1" data tape on 12" reels and it all looks in pretty good shape. Anyway the question is can I use this tape on my 1" machine for recording music. Will I...
  11. M

    tape type

    Hello. What are the sonic qualities of different sorts of tape (ex. 456, 499, GP9, or others). I know that you can hit some harder than others but how do they compare/contrast in sound? I am using a 1/2" 8-track machine at 15 ips; recording music of the rock 'n' roll & pop...
  12. E

    Tape Deck

    Despite some very good advice from a highly-regarded member of this and other recording forums to go digital all the way (right now I have a single ADAT with analog console and mixture of analog and digital outborad units), I feel a visceral need to have an analog tape deck. Actually, I am...
  13. A

    tapes storage and analog troubles

    hi, I've just bought a Tascam ATR80/24, 2" 24 track, and I'm facing the usual problem with analog: tape storage heads demagnetizing electronic calibration and so on. Anyway, I've found a paper on Quantegy website, telling that reels should be stored in a 45/50% humidity environment, and with...
  14. A

    analog tapes [updating my point of view]

    hi, after a lot of lurking around,and some investigating, I've finally got my 2" 24 one week ago. It is a Tascam ATR80/24, with remote and auotlocator. The audio shop where I bought it from, got me 4 used reels, absolutely unusable. Anyway, I started to look for new tapes, to get a small...
  15. A

    used analog tape

    hi, thanx to who replied to my question about different analog tapes. I have a couple band coming in short after the machine will be installe, and they would liek to use used tapes. They have found them at an pro-audio dealer, and they have been told there there are no edits on the tapes. I...