1. F

    Anybody else get some decent sound out of a tape deck without using effects?

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  2. G

    A problem with my Revox A77 MK3

    Hello I have a Revox A77 MK3, sr: G170460, two tracks, with 7 1/2 and 15 ips speeds. I did not used it since some times. I have a problem, wen I turn it on, even wen I did not push any recording buttons, and without any input signal, the vu-meter are topping to the maximum and still topping to...
  3. D

    Aiwa TP1012 Reell to Reel Tape Recorder - is this a usable thing?

    Hello all I'm really tempted to buy one of this from a local vintage gear shop. [="http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/aiwa_tape_recorder_tp_1012.html"]Tape Recorder TP-1012 R-Player Aiwa Co. Ltd.; Tokyo, build 1[/] It's 4 tracks, 3 speed, battery powered. 2 unbalance inputs, haven't checked for...
  4. E

    Is Waves Kramer Tape plug-in worth the money for what you get?

    I'm considering a harmonics based plug-in called Kramer Tape from Waves for $99. Has anyone tried it? Is it doing what you want to do? I'd like to smooth out the digital signal on the master. In comparison, Reel Tape Saturation from Avid Digidesign runs about three times as much. Is there that...
  5. M

    BASF 2in 24track 30 ips calibration tape

    I have one of these left over from my when i bought a Sony JH 16 24 back in the the late nineties. I barely used the tape before ditching the Sony because it was just not reliable enough to use (without a full time tech on the staff!). Is it worth anything? Someone told me that it would probably...
  6. M

    How to start recording on tape

    I've taken an interest in recording on a reel to reel recently. I'd love to have a better understanding of which reel to reel to buy.(maybe an 8 track?) How to send audio to it(are there inputs on a reel to reel?) And after i've recorded the audio, how to get the audio to a different format(How...
  7. T

    recording audition tapes for cellist +/-piano

    My son is a cellist getting into the advanced student range. My videography and sound recording have not kept pace! My goals are two fold: (1) a compact system for recording concerts where I am just sitting in the audience, with or without space for a tripod but only having a mike mounted on...
  8. S

    R101 too much for tape?

    Thinking about getting a pair for OH. Too much to match with going to tape? I afraid things might be too dull. I have used a sf24 a bunch, but I was recording straight into PT.
  9. P


    Hello Guys I was wondering if any of you know anyone in the Miami area with experience setting up and maintaining tape machines? I have a MCI-JH24 and would like to get an expert to look at it. Thanks Pablo R
  10. S

    First "Client" on tape

    Listening to playback right now. Man, just the mojo of the reels spinning gives the studio a better vibe. I need to start cutting my own masters to wax! I gotta say I do enjoy the freedom of no pitch correction.
  11. S

    New Tascam 8516B, First impressions with tape

    Ok, picked up this with remote, extra cards, 8 rolls of Quantagy (1) not open, MRL Cal tape, Degauser, splice blck, +4 interface and take up reels. Got it for 700, thing looks practically brand new. OK, so I did a quick test to pass some audio straight out of my la 610 with a beta 57 on an...
  12. S

    Tape, DAW, Patchbays, Splitters

    Here is the deal, I am picking up a very nice 8516b on monday, the rest of my set up is saffire pro 40, digimax fs, la 610 in to pro tools, 2-bus lt and monitor st on the other end. What I want to do is this track to tape using the pres in my interfaces dump into PT then mix out to my 2-bus...
  13. S

    Sum to Tape?

    Hey guys, I have done the dangerous music summing thing for a long time and am just looking to do something different. I have some options for tape machines 1/4 and 1" coming up. I was thinking about either tracking drums to tape then transferring to the computer or another thought that crossed...
  14. U

    Tapes transferring only in mono

    Very very newb question. I'm trying to transfer some old audio tapes to mp3. I've got a stereo mic cable going from a tape deck to my sound card, but it's only recording the left speaker. The soundcard only has one input; will I be able to transfer the tapes in stereo? If I could even record...
  15. Q

    Vintage Cadenza Reel to Reel Tape Recorder (Portable)

    Hello I've just purchased this old Cadenza Reel to Reel tape recorder from a car boot sale. The guy said he though it was from the 50's but judging from the quality, and the fact that it is "All Transistor" I think it'll be perhaps late 60's. I don't know much about this sort of thing...
  16. kmetal

    tape mastering techniques

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but i'll start here. My friends' 2 man band wanted to take a decidedly minimal approach to the recording of their 7 new songs, which had to be on tape. Think early black keys (his main source of inspiration for this project). So we went to a 28x30x10 room and...
  17. B

    456 1" audio tape

    Been doing a google search for this tape, with not finding really many options, I do have a number for a guy, but seeing if i could find more for bulk, or more competitive pricing. I need 1" 456 (since its cheaper than gp9 and 456 is clean enough for my tastes). anyone got any contacts...
  18. R

    Seeking Advice on Drums to Tape, Then Back to DAW Workflow with Multiple PCs

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here. I'm no stranger to amateur home recording, but I finally have 10 or so songs recently written with voice and acoustic guitar that I'll be arranging/adding instrumentation to via my home setup this coming year. Here is my gear list: Dell Studio 17 Core Duo 2.53Ghz...
  19. K

    Free Mixtape... Possible Legal Troubles?

    So I was possibly (a BIG possibly) thinking about releasing a free mixtape prior to wanting to release a EP to get a little fanbase going before I release any music that actually costs money. Now I keep reading posts about people who don't know what they're talking about and I'm seeing...
  20. InsaneGenius

    1202fx how do I monitor vocals with effects and tape input while recording dry vocal?

    I have a little mixer called the Behringer Xenyx 1202 FX What I would like to do is monitor my vocals with the effects from the mixer along with the output from my computer's sound card through the headphone Jack on the mixer. But when recording, only record the dry vocals back into my...