1. P

    advice on using my revox a77

    Hey all this us my first posting here and was after some advice on using my recently purchased 2 track Revox A77. First of all I will be recording a three piece band that must be recorded all at the same time. Guitars x2 +drums. I do have pro tools but would like to capture AT LEAST the drums...
  2. hueseph

    Tape Compression without tape? More UAD-2

    Just got wind of this from UAD. Modeled from an actual Studer A800. They don't mention what tape they are using but it sounds easily as good as HEAT IMHO. No calibration. No need for biasing. Hmmm is it too good to be true?
  3. J

    Acoustic guitars- Does the quality always correspond on tape, or are there surprises?

    We all know that acoustic guitars come in an infinite range of qualities and voices, so I am wondering if the quality always corresponds from live listening to tape. In other words, have any of you engineers ever come across guitars that buck expectations, i.e., great sounding guitars that just...
  4. S

    I Just Got A 1/4" Tape Deck. Now What?

    This may sound totally noob/stupid, but... I just got an old Sony TC-252 1/4" Reel To Reel. And I have no idea what to do with it. I mean... I've had -many- tape machines over the years... just not in the past 20 or so. I figured, if nothing else I could make little echo loops with it like when...
  5. J

    Magnetism And Magnetic Tape Recording Help Please!

    Hey everyone, new to the forum, but am desperately in need of some help. I'm currently a student at Cape Audio College in Cape Town studying sound engineering. I am studying for my exam which is on Thursday this week and I've come across a paragraph in the chapter on Magnetism and Magnetic...
  6. K

    Boxes for 10.5" tape reels?

    Hey, I'm working on an archiving project at the University of Washington where we're handling a bunch of tapes from as far back as 1955. Some of the paper/cardboard boxes housing the reels are in really bad condition. They're molding and need to be replaced so they don't contaminate other...
  7. soapfloats

    Tape on SM57 on snare to reduce hihat bleed?

    I came across this idea while attending a little workshop put on by some of the heavies here in town. One engineer (the youngest, but most talented) recommended this technique during one "class". As I recall, he put the tape on opposite side of the 57 from the hihat, along the grill side...
  8. audiokid

    High-Bias Tape

    A grade of recording tape that has been designed to reduce the amount of bias a recording deck needs to apply in order to achieve high-frequency reproduction. Since less bias is required, you get less noise in the recording.
  9. G

    Turn taper pot into linear pot?

    [="http://www.jt30.com/jt30page/potfix/"]Fix for a Linear taper Pot[/] This site says that you can turn a linear pot into a taper pot by adding a resistor between the wiper and ground. Is it possible to emulate this the other way around? I have a taper tone pot and rather than replace the...
  10. Tuck

    what is the best 1/2 inch tape

    what should I be using for a Fostex B16 and Tascam 48? ebay has so many weird options I dont know what to get. thanks
  11. J

    ADAT - Alesis Digital Audio Tape

    Originally an 8-track digital recorder, now shorthand for a digital transmission protocol Some content below is with permission of Wikipedia. ADAT (Alesis Digital Audio Tape) An eight track digital recorder developed and manufactured by the Alesis Corporation, employing modified videotape...
  12. B

    reel to reel tape

    Hey, i'm looking to do an all analog recording session for my personal band's next session. i'm going to look at either renting or purchasing an 8 track 1/4in reel to reel recorder. though i'm unsure of what type of tape to get. what tape type and model should i look at. i understand its...
  13. I

    Ampex Ag440 Tape machine?

    So I am a college student, and I have a workstudy job in one of the buildings on campus. There is a history of Post-Production work at my college, so there is vintage stuff laying around all over. So I was organizing a pile of chair cushions in the basement, and lo and behold, there is an Ampex...
  14. G

    Good, inexpensive tape deck for <$200?

    Well, the 'Simul-Sync' feature on my Teac A-2340 isn't working anymore. It was a good deck for home recording, but I think I'm ready to graduate to a nicer 4-track, as it's now just the same as any other 4 track ( only 1239403429 pounds heavier :roll:) Anyone have a favorite cheap one...
  15. J

    I've started the Search for a 2" Tape Deck

    For a 2" deck man have the prices come down alot.. :D
  16. J

    Mastering a digital mix to analog tape and back.

    I read somewhere that sometimes a digital mix will be put onto analog tape and then converted back to digital in an effort to induce the warmth of analog tape. Is this a common procedure, and how effective is it at doing just that, namely adding some warmth or body, or replicating an analog...
  17. F

    recording to analogue tape

    My band will shortly be recording a live demo on a Teac 80-8 half inch recorder. Track 1 is kick, 2 is snare, 3 is toms, 4 is all cymbals, 5 is guitar, 6 is lead vocal, 7 is backing vocals, 8 is bass guitar. Is it better to record everything flat and then compress on mixdown?
  18. S

    ADAT tapes to computer-usb-DAW...How to?

    So, I have a bunch of ADAT tapes (mostly pairs, making 16 tracks) of unmixed music from the olden days. I'd like to get these tracks into my computer for mixing on a DAW such as sonar,audition,vegas, etc. Whats the best way of doing this? I no longer have the ADAT machines, but see that...
  19. J

    Have u thought about recording your recorded tracks on tape?

    So you should, in order to get a fatter sound and that soft hi end. It's even easier to mix and you can avoid to sound too "digital" like eveybody. Most of the major recordings are doing it before to start mixing. At least for the drums, but bass, guitars and lead vocal make the difference...
  20. T

    how make a mixtape sound goood

    hi there, i do mixtapes (mostly hip hop / r&b / soul stuff). i want to know what mastering tools one can apply to a mix to make it sound like the sound of a radioshow i.e. very compact and warm (maby for some people it may seem a little bit flat too). i think it must be something like a...