tascam 16x08

  1. manuel_trnd

    Optimize Cubase (avoid cracks and pops)/ increase Buffer?

    Hi there, Setup: -TASCAM 16x08 Interface -Laptop: Acer Aspire 3 a315 53 35 fq, 4GB RAM, dual core I recently had a problem with cracks and pops in my audio during recording and playing back. What I did according do help from friends and forums : -Used the TASCAM dsp mixer for monitoring...
  2. Rich Moses

    Tascam 16x08 vs ps 1818vsl etc, need some input please!

    I read a post from a while ago about the 1818vsl and us-1800 . I really loved your insight. (Donny Thompson) I am buying my 1st pre and looking at the presonus 1818vsl, tascam 16x08 and the tc 2020. I am using akg clip mics on the toms, d112 /bass/ sure 57s/snare/sure condensoers for hi hat...