tc electronic

  1. George Shrouder

    TC-Helicon Voicelive Rack REFUSES to save key

    Ok so i've had the same issue with 2 separate units now. When making a patch, I set the key of the song in "hardtune" and no matter how many times I store the preset, as soon as I scroll to another preset and go back to the one I had just saved, the key as been reset to C. So obviously this unit...
  2. DonnyThompson

    Behringer now owns TC Electronics

    This acquisition also includes Tannoy, Lab Gruppen, Lake, TC Helicon and TC Applied Technologies. This is in addition to their recent acquisition of Midas, Klark-Teknik and Turbosound. “Since the acquisition of Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound, we have been continuously pursuing brands that...
  3. J

    Cannot set up Finalizer

    I have a Finalizer express but don't know how to integrate it into my pulsar soundcard project window. I just can't see where to make the connections in the Pulsar project window. All I know is that the Finalizer must be between the mixer outs and the analog outs. But if I do that in Pulsar...
  4. J

    TC Electronic Impact Twin - Does anyone here own this unit?

    I recently purchased one and their customer support is abyssal. It has taken them a week to respond by message portal and they have no way to talk to a live person. When they finally got back to me they didn't answer my question at all. Anyway, all I want to know is if anyone can confirm that...
  5. C

    Mackie 1604 connection to TC Finalizer Plus

    Hi, been out of the music game for around 10 years and i am slowly unpacking my gear in order to start recording again. I have recently acquired a TC finaliser Plus and i am confused to which cables i required to connected this into my setup. I am thinking of hooking this up as follows...
  6. D

    TC Electronics Impact Twin vrs RNP/M-Audio

    I have an M-Audio FireWire interface which is very mobile and an FMR RNC Mic Preamp. I use them to record classical acoustic concerts and recitals and I like both of them. However, I am looking at the TC Electronics Impact Twin. It "MAY" have a little more clean gain for use with Ribbons and...
  7. jg49

    TC Electronics Free M30 Verb Plug today and tomorrow only

    For 72 hrs starting Nov. 16-09 TC Electronics is giving away the M30 Reverb plugin, not a trial version, the usual cost is $79.00. I downloaded it but have not yet tried it.
  8. audiokid

    TC Electronic Reverb 4000

    Has anyone heard any TC Electronic Reverbs, in particular the 4000? I'm also wondering how it compares to the Bricasti?
  9. Johnny_musiCman

    TC Electronic Konnekt 8 Questions

    Hey Has anyone had any experience or own a TC Electronic Konnekt 8 Audio FireWire Interface? I hear the 24D is great but how much of a difference is there between the two? Also I am using a Macbook.. may be a problem?! I have Logic Pro 8.. and good ol' garage band. Thanks!! :)
  10. M

    TC Electronic PowerCore and Logic

    I'm doing a little research on the TC Electronic PowerCore X8. I'm just curious to see if anyone has used a PowerCore within Logic 8 and whether or not there are any performance issues. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  11. B

    Any experience with TC Electronics Konnekt 8?

    As the title says, would anybody have any experience with TC Electronics Konnekt 8? How would it compare with a Presonus Firebox? Any insight/advice is very much appreciated. cheers - Buzzgrowl
  12. K

    setup Tc electronic Mone xl with protools?help!

    hello, i ask help, i have tc electronic m one xl, and i wana use with protools i use digital cables, i try to setup in protoosl i counlt use, i missing something? i cant send reverb to my tracks i choose in mixer , spdif and after i send bus 1-2 to mono track , but nothing i...
  13. T

    finalizer + sending mastered Cds to manufacturer

    Hi, I have a huge workload, low budget project involving 53 CDs of dialogue. and "incidental' music for kids. I need to get it out quick and the budget isn't high so I am planning to buy a Tc electronics finalizer and do everything myself. I know DYI is not a great idea for music, but for...
  14. Mario-C.

    TC Electronic Service in Florida

    Hello Folks, I have a TC G force that needs repair, any shops near Brauer ? thanks
  15. S

    Alesis Masterlink & tc electronic Finalizer

    Does any one out there use this gear. Here is my setup. Masterlink to Finalizer via mackie digital 8 bus to motu 2408 to g4 to mbox. I fill confident with recording and mixing but the mastering bit I feel needs some freshing up. On most projects I use presets on the Finalizer. I really like...
  16. A

    TC Electronic M-One or Lexicon MPX550 or MPX-1....HELP!!!

    Hi, I'm torn between the 3 units. Could anyone give me an insight to your preferences and reasons? Any advise will be appreciated! I'm primarily using the unit for live gigs...mainly for processing the vocals. Thanks & Regards
  17. D

    TC Electronics PowerCore Element DSP/PCI Farm Card Bundle

    Hello everyone; i ve been digging the home,project forum for hours but couldnt find a hint about how TC Electronics' PowerCore Element DSP/PCI Farm Card Bundle is like! A friend pf mine, using a DELTA 1010LT and a Behringer mixer is thinking of getting this card and use it as an effects...
  18. R

    TC Electronic M3000 Vs. Lexicon PCM91?

    I've been looking into these units for awhile but I'm not sure which to choose. In the past I've used Lexicon reverbs alot because I like them but I've heard the M3000 demo CD and it sounds pretty good. Can anyone give some insight into these units? How do they sound in practice? Do they...
  19. trock

    TC electronic Gold Channel

    Hi i have an oppurtunity to pick one of these up for 750 bucks in perfect shape. i have never heard one before and will not really have a chance to try it. i am looking for another Pre to go with my M5 and this will give me a stereo option if anyone has used this i would ove a review of...
  20. B

    TC Electronics MD3 vrs. Waves Mastering Bundle

    I heard great things about the System 6000. ($10,000) But if all you want is to master a two track bus, the extra features of the 6000 including surround sound appears to be an over kill for my needs. I have not seen much more on it that would justify me wanting it on this time. Though the...