1. M

    Recording and mixing techniques to create crowds

    Hi, I am looking to record/mix a hook very similar to the way this one sounds....:22-:33 of Wes Walker's "Pop The F**k Off".... I am wondering how to achieve this crowd sound with only vocals from one person through vocal layering (approximately how many stacks/voice inflections), panning...
  2. paulears

    Old recording techniques - Youtube video

    Well worth a look on how they recorded Solti in the 60s - pretty impressive.
  3. jjitter

    Boards of Canada mixing techniques anyone?

    Hello all. I was really interested in discussing boc's mixing, arranging techniques. From the how much compression to reverb, to their arranging techniques. How do they get such floaty drums out of a sampler? Are those loops or does it sound like a kit played? How is it so minimalistic, yet so...
  4. paulears

    Old Orchestral Mic Techniques

    I found this article - really interesting stuff, on Decca Trees and other stereo techniques
  5. Sean G

    Mixing Techniques - How Do You Approach Your Mix ?

    I know this has been covered here on RO in a previous thread "How Do You Mix?", but I thought it would be an interesting discussion to have again as the previous thread dates from 2001. It would be interesting to hear from members on their style of mixing and the different techniques we use...
  6. Davedog

    Multiple Mic Techniques

    There have been several threads on this subject throughout time here at R.O. and I feel that it is an important subject as many are using or attempting to use multiple mics on single sources or in some cases, for example, a singer songwriter performance where you have two sources effecting two...
  7. Boswell

    Bruce Swedien on vocal recording microphones and techniques

    An [=""]interesting article[/] from Pro Sound Web. It's apparently an excerpt from Bruce's book Make Mine Music.
  8. kmetal

    Redundant Recording systems/techniques for live concert (novice)

    hey all, i just got a call to record an annual concert, destined for dvd. something i have never done before on this scale. it's a rock band w/ numerous guest spot type things. i don'y have all the details until next week, but if it's like previous events i've seen from this client the...
  9. Todzilla

    mic recording techniques for drums

    I've got a hankering to try some three mic recording techniques for drums. Here's what I have to work with: Room: 23' X 16' with 14' cathedral ceilings, copious OC703 and Ethan Weineresque bass traps Drums: mid-range 80s era Tamas with nice high-end Zildjian cymbals and a bad-ass 60s Leedy...
  10. O

    HELP! Singing (rapping) techniques while recording

    Hi guys, can anyone give my some tips on how i can deliver my rap correctly? basically im going really wild on the mic but when it comes to listening back, it sounds dull and with no effort? Any advice / tips on delivery when recording and/or how to mix it to put life into it!? P.s im really...
  11. S

    All Customary Vocal Polishing Techniques

    For hip-hop vocals: Right now I got: 1.Compression 2. EQ 3. Ad libs 4. Reverb 5. Pan Anything else I'm missing? Also, does the order matter with Compression and EQ? Is it more advantageous to do 1 before the other? Thanks A lot :smile:
  12. N

    Audio Engineering Techniques

    Hello everyone, my name is Noah and I am new to this forum! I have been doing music for over a decade now and have just started my home recording studio. I am currently running Logic Pro 9 using reason in rewire for certain synth sounds and sometimes using redrum vs hyper editing in logic. My...
  13. kmetal

    tape mastering techniques

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but i'll start here. My friends' 2 man band wanted to take a decidedly minimal approach to the recording of their 7 new songs, which had to be on tape. Think early black keys (his main source of inspiration for this project). So we went to a 28x30x10 room and...
  14. audiokid

    Tuning Drum Techniques

    What do you do for drum tuning , muffling, dampening for the best sound prior to recording? MoonGels Rings Duck tape Pillow How do you listen to drums before micing. What do you listen for?
  15. R

    Microphone Techniques PDF

    This is a great Article by shure it covers so many things. Its called live sound techniques but a lot of this could also be a great help in the recording studio. It covers things like Pick up patterns, Placement and even things like NAG Equations. I'm in the middle of reading it now and...
  16. D

    Your Kick Drum Miking Techniques!

    Has anyone ever tried putting a heavy weight inside a kick drum (on a pillow) before? I was assisting on a session where a very reputable engineer/producer did this. He said the weight lowers the resonance of the drum and essentially makes the kick sound more tight. The weight also acted as a...
  17. J

    Techniques for eight track

    I recently bought a mid seventies Ampex 1" eight track. I'm growing weary of endless options, and I want to take a step back from digital world, and make and commit to decisions during the tracking process. I'm curious about specific techniques that were used during the sixties and early...
  18. S

    Drum Recording Techniques

    I wanted to create a topic where we can share drum recording techniques. I'll give an overview of some of the stuff I do at my studio but would love to hear what othert techniques people are using. Snare Drum Recording Techniques We usually end up miking the snare drum's face with a Shure...
  19. KellyxEclipse

    Senses Fail: Still Searching - Guitar micing techniques.

    Hello, I've been listening to different recordings to listen for guitar sounds, and I am really in love with the guitar sounds on Senses Fail's Still Searching. Does anyone know what type of mics, a/d, daw, or anything used in the recording of these guitars? Thank you.
  20. S

    Techniques for Vocal Recording w/o Use of Headphones

    Greetings All, Can anyone point me in the right direction for information on techniques to record a single vocalist without using headphones? I am working with a singer who delivers consistently solid performances when singing live in front of an audience and consistently poor performances...