1. pcrecord

    Mix exercise - Part 1 - Session preparation

    Hi gang, Like I do once or twice a year, I like to download pro recorded tracks and make the exercise of mixing a song. It gives an idea how different those tracks are from mine and also a degree of detachment I don't get from tracks I recorded myself. If you want to join me, it would be fun...
  2. audiokid


    audiokid submitted a new resource: TELEFUNKEN ELA M 251E - ELA M 251E large diaphragm tube microphone is a true classic with very few rivals Read more about this resource...
  3. Sean G

    TELEFUNKEN ELAM 251 - Anyone got a spare $7.5K???

    Telefunken ELAM 251 Microphone Item condition: --not specified Ended: Oct 30, 2015 , 4:25PM Price: US $7,400.00 Shipping: Read item description or contact seller for shipping options.
  4. G

    Help with vintage mic,Telefunken - SABA - AKG D77 gain and hiss

    Hello from Spain. I'm new in this forum and a newbie into recording, I'm starting to record using my Mac, Logic and Roland Quad Capture. Mainly I record electric guitars signal and midi stream. I have not used microphones before but USB mics. Now I'm trying to use a vintage stereo microphone...
  5. DonnyThompson

    AKG Mic /Telefunken Tube

    Here's a song I recently did where I used an AKG SolidTube mic, replacing the stock 12ax7 tube with a Telefunken ECC83-TK. I've been using a 12AT7 for a few months, and I've been wanting to try a Telefunken tube. Cover version of a Warren Zevon song; Accidentally Like A Martyr from his 1978...
  6. F

    Eq Telefunken Ant W695b price?

    Hi! Any of you have an idea of the approximate price of a pair of Telefunken Ant W695b equalizers racked? Thanks!
  7. F

    Racking Danner Modules (BFE/Telefunken/TAB/Filtek etc..)

    Hello everybody. Long time lurker, this is my first post. Wonderful forum. So I'm looking into racking a few modules to ultimately achieve a sort of a channel strip combination. 2xEQ / 2xComp / Peak meter for example. The point is to mostly run line lever material thought them, i.e from my DAW...
  8. M

    tab-telefunken v74a

    someone knows how to transfert v74a to a mic -pre ..thanks
  9. B

    Telefunken V672

    Not sure if this post is better suited here or in the gear forum, but the admins can move it I guess! 8-) About the V672.. I was wondering where this preamp is best suited. I am demo-ing a two channel racked version the weekend and would like some input on what you all would use it on...
  10. anonymous

    Tab Telefunken tubes

    I have been reading about telefunken tubes in some of the post lately. Where are you guys getting these from?
  11. R

    Apex 460 and Telefunken M16. The Same mic?

    I saw this over at another forum I frequent. Check it out. Identical parts, etc. The Tele is a $1399 mic, and the Apex is a $229 mic. PS - Dan Richards does not sell these Apex OR Tele mics at his store (I tried to get the Apex from him). I'm gonna try one for kicks and grins. Any input...
  12. S

    Telefunken V72

    Hi guys, I'm considering to buy a Telefunken V72 for 400 euro. I've heard it has a fixed 35 db of gain, is that true ? Are there any other things I have to know before I buy this (I think) great unit ? It's serviced a week ago. Thanks
  13. J

    Telefunken R-F-T M16 Tube

    Has anyone heard of this? I think it is a spin-off from the work Telefunken USA are doing resurrecting old superstars of the mic. world. Still, with an RRP of $1,300 in the United States it's hard to believe they can offer the impossible. Maybe this is designed to go up against the Soundelux...
  14. J

    TAB/Telefunken/ Neumann V72 or 76

    Hi I'm just wondering what people here think of these. i haven't tried one, and I'm afraid to buy one on spec given that it might be in a terrible condition. Are they worthy of the hype? I know some people think they're the ultimate pres. I'm also curious about the later SS versions of...
  15. A

    telefunken pre`s

    Recently, i have discover that one of my friends have 12 Telefunken pres from an old Telefunken mixer (1968 - 70?) i dont know exactly wich model are the pres (V625?) the manual is entirely in german...the name of the mixer is: STANDARD-REGIESTISCH BT 12/4...anyone can help me? i want to know...
  16. A

    Telefunken pres...

    Someone can tell me about the Telefunken pres? whats the big deal with then? im referring to V72 end V376 model...i know they are vintage,,,but can u tell whats special with it sound? :roll:
  17. O

    Kurt have you tried the Telefunkens Yet?

    In the STT Origin? Larry
  18. B

    AMEK DMA 9098 or Telefunken V676a?

    Hi I´m new to this community and this is my first posting here! So simple question which one of the preamps would you choose if you only can can have one of it? The Amek 9098 DMA or the V676a Telefunken? I did recordings whith both and for me they sound both really good. I found out that the...
  19. A

    need advice, Telefunken or Pendulum

    I'm new at this, Recording to ADAT XT, looking for two Rubber Soul sounding preamps. Two respected audio dealers have suggested Telefunken V72 or Pendulum MDP 1B. Does anyone use these? Is it better to buy used vintage or new with warranty? Any Telefunken users know of any problems that I can...
  20. H

    Telefunken ELA E 130 schematic ?

    Seeking schematic or owners manual for Telefunken ELA E130b "stereo width control" Found the unit on Ebay for little more than shipping costs last year. Although I can get it to perform the basic operations, the multi pin I/O connector has more options than I can identify by trial and error...