1. ChrisH

    Live Studio Takes Time Alignment

    Soon I will be doing live band sessions for local bands in my erea. Everything will be recorded all at once in my 600 sqft home studio that is completely acoustically treated with bass traps in every corner, clouds, and obsortion and defusing panels on the walls, placed accordingly so it's not...
  2. G

    Time-Align vs. Phase-Align

    I have read a couple of posts and articles on how to phase-align two out-of-phase signals, e.g. a bass / guitar DI and mic signal or two guitar cab mic signals. An easy and plausible way would be to zoom in on the waveforms of the two tracks and shift one of them so that the transients line up...
  3. E

    time aligning spot mics in choir/ orchestral recordings?

    Folks- Do you do this? Under what circumstances? Interested in what folks do with this tool- it was not available in the 'old days' when we simply observed good 3:1 ratio and other guidelines. Does delaying spot mics assist you in getting better audio now that this tool is available? Your...
  4. Link555

    Time Aligning Room Mics?

    I was reading on the net, somebody suggested time aligning room mics. I had never done that before, as I always wanted the room sound. So I tried it, basically yes you do get more low end, but it sounds like the mic is in front of the kit, almost like you shrunk your room. My...
  5. T

    Time alignment

    Hi, This is a subject which has been quite rarely addressed in pro recording forums and I guess we have the right audience here to gather valuable experiences and opinions on the matter. As far as I am concerned, I think the time alignment technique –when done properly- closes the gap between...
  6. B

    Phase/Time aligning drum tracks....Recorderman?

    Theres an interesting topic going on at the music player forum about this, especially this guy Jay stating that phase reversing all drum mics except the kick mic is a good thing.. Whats your opinion on the subject...