1. K

    Any tips for achieving superior-Clarity?

    Hello beautiful people, how is everybody doing (: While my heart mainly goes out to 70's & 80's music, I must say I am fascinated by the clarity that a lot of these modern tracks present in audio quality. I watched several interviews of Phil Tan, and he mentioned that as a rule of thumb he goes...
  2. N

    Some tips on how to smooth out your highs and also how to remove harshness from your filters

    Some tips on how to smooth out your highs and also how to remove harshness from your filters NOTE1: We usually use some plugins that offer crazy to complex shapes, as you know they use distortions, exciters, and compressors under the hood. so we don't have control all we have is 1 to 3knobs...
  3. Vitalie Andries

    Tips & Advice about new recording studio gear.

    Hi, everyone. He started a new year and I decided to upgrade to the studio. :) If you have time and you could give me some tips about this gear I would be very thankful. I now equipped. (Neumann M147tube, Avalon VT-737SP, Apogee Rosetta 800, RME Digiface, Yamaha DM1000 with Digital I/O ADAT...
  4. BuildaRecordingStudio

    Cubase recording and playback Tips and Tricks

    Hi all, hoping to offer advice about Cubase recording and playback , more to come! Please leave any questions or Comments! Digital Playback When Playing back music using Software recording programs such as Cubase, I always use the Timing Offset tool to delay or advance each individual track...
  5. DonnyThompson

    Samplitude Tricks and Tips

    I thought I'd start a "companion" thread to the other Samplitude thread, where Sam users cn share tips and tricks for the platform. As with any DAW prog, there are various little things that are helpful to know. I'm going to repeat a post I made in the other Sam thread, because I think it's a...
  6. audiokid

    Pro Tools tutorial: Export Audio Tips

    If you are sending your pro tools files to a mixer, this is what I would ask for. Any other exporting tutorials, please chime in and share your tips. Recorderman's tutorial on exporting Pro Tools to wave files. [=""]View...
  7. pcrecord

    Used UA LA-610 mk1, any tips and trick ?

    Hi gang, Just received my la-610, for those who have experience with this unit ; Do you have any tips, tricks or recommendation (which aren't in the manual)?
  8. M

    Studiotips Acoustic Forum

    Hi, I've only noticed recently that the Studiotips Acoustics forum seems to be permanently offline. The studiotips website is still up though. link removed Does anyone know if there are plans to bring it back as I know many of you here took part there? I know there were many...
  9. J

    Brand New Sound Engineer Looking For Advice and Tips

    Hello, I have been doing this for quite some time and well, i always felt like i was advancing in the quality of my craft, but recently i feel like since i cant go too school or afford classes that my knowledge of recording is very limited. and i was wondering if i could get tips to have my...
  10. D

    Dub & Chill out music - would love some honest opinions and tips

    Happy new year everybody :) I'm Benon, after a year of no inspiration at all, it finally hit me and i made this nice dub/chill out track I would really love to hear your opinions and get some advises and tips on this one Thank you
  11. U

    Metal heads mixing/mastering tips needed!

    Hey guys, Just recorded first song and needed some tips all around the board on how to get a better sound, especially when it comes to mastering guitars. Check out Obliteration at UnmaskingMusic youtube channel or follow the link below. Subscribe if you like the song, since more are coming...
  12. C

    Mixing & Mastering Tips - Making a song sound professional with basic equipment.

    I am currently in the works of creating a video series helping guys like YOU out! I want to offer you my tips on how I make my songs sound professional, with minimalist equipment. No need for all this expensive EQ Equipment, just a decent guitar and FX pedal will do! check this out...
  13. A

    Tips on Acoustic Guitar Recording

    I would like some tips for recording my acoustic. Here is one of my latest recordings and I would like to know where I can improve. I recorded using an AT2020 microphone and Pro Tools.
  14. kmetal

    Quirks/Tips for studioive 16.0.2?

    hey everyone, i was called up to engineer a live gig this Saturday. I haven't worked w/ the band yet, and this gig will determine if i do more live work for them or not. They are supplying the P.A (jbl active mains/subs) it's a 4pc band, w/ 3 vocal mics. i'm pretty comfortable in the live...
  15. E

    [Picture Album Inside] Setting up my budget home recording studio. Any tips/comments?

    Image Gallery: [=""]Home Recording Studio - Imgur[/] Microphones: Cad Pro 4 pc Drum Mic kit, Samson CO1U condenser mic for vocals, AT2020 condenser mic for overhead cymbals, Shure SM57 mic for guitar Audio Interface: Tascam US-1800 Drum Kit: Gretsch Maple Catalina 5...
  16. R

    Tips on what I should remove from my mixing chain before mastering...

    So I just finished mixing my record and am gonna start shopping around to get it mastered. I've currently got this chain on the end of my mix Waves NLS > EQ for mids > EQ for highs > Waves NLS > Cytomic Glue Compressor >Audio Damage ADverb > MidSide EQ > Waves NLS > SSL Compressor > Waves L2...
  17. S

    tips for mixing lots of layers?

    Hey everyone I'm mixing a cd for a client and in his Chorus' or "hooks" there is alot of vocal layers going on, and i'm having a hell of a time making them sit right. Anybody have any tips or suggestions on how to handle this? There's typically 4 main parts on the hook plus 2 emphasis...
  18. F

    Mixing Tips for Metal Tracks

    [=""]Puzzles VA's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/] Hey guys, I'll be the first to admit I'm pretty terrible at mixing my songs. Any tips to help the overall production of my tracks would be awesome. I'll be focusing mostly...
  19. J

    tips for reducing USB 2.0 latency? (Windows 7, sonar, scarlett 2i2)

    Windows 7 64-bit Intel core2quad@2.4ghz 4gb ram Cakewalk Sonar x1 (32bit install) Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, USB 2.0 Sonar is reporting latency of between 10-16 ms (round trip i think). around 10 if i reduce the buffer to as low as it goes and it was a bit over 16 to start with. I read about...
  20. Shanesaw

    Tips on this particular snare sound?...

    [=""]chevelle-brainiac (lyrics) - YouTube[/] Mic placement exactly for top and bottom?, EQ boosts and cuts where?, Reverb settings guesstimation? Thx, Shane