tla 5051

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    Replacing valves in TLA 5051

    Hi, my first post here! I have just got a TLA 5051, and after replacing cheap Chinese 12ax7's (ecc83) for electro harmonix (Russian) ones, I am curious to know whether I can replace with ecc88's, as I hear these are nicer, and i have some amperex ones from holland, but do they have a different...
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    SPL Channel One and TL Audio 5051 mk2 comparison

    Hi! Newbie to this forum. I´m on my way to purchase a budget micpreamp. Have found two good deals on two separete products; a SPL Channel One and a TL Audio 5051 mk2. The SPL is second hand and the 5051 is brand new. The prices for them are about the same (990USD for the 50501, 1070USD...
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    Preamps choice - The Brick or TLA 5051

    I was wondering if there would be much in quality/sound difference between the two preamps mentioned here. Thanks
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    RODE NTV + TLA 5051

    Anybody have some experience with that mic? I have one NTV and TLA preamp 5051. Not bad, but I´m not satisfied with sound. My input volume on TLA is very low, any stronger signal from mic causes distortion on preamp, DRIVE diode lightning and sound is very much in midrange. Is it good...